Thursday, July 31, 2008

First Proselyting Experience

From Elder Griffin's email (8/29/08):

On Saturday we went proselyting for the first time! It was really interesting, originally my companion and I were supposed to go out twice that day, but my companion hurt his ankle in bueno. We only got to go during the day and well, it was interesting. The people are so poor, they only have four walls and sometimes no roof with a dirt floor. I saw about 300 dogs in the streets. It is very hard to understand the people when they talk two hundred miles per hour. I love the people so much and can tell when I talk to them that God loves them so much and wants the best for them.... the experience was kind of scary, but I learned so much.

The first person we visited was inactive. He was very excited for us to be there and explained that he hadn’t been to church for a couple months because had a lot of work every day, including Sunday. I explained to him that before the mission I had a job where I had to work on Sunday and I quit it. I told him that I knew that If he sacrificed certain things in his life that were important to him than God will bless him so much in his life...he committed to going to church on Sunday.

Yesterday was the Independence Day for Peru. We had a feast and learned the national anthem, it was really cool. I have to go, CHAU!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

BIG SUPRISE...he loves the food

Blurbs from his most recent email:

I have had so many great experiences here. When I got off the plane...scary. The Border Patrol wasn´t that bad. I was really surprised when all the people with signs were shouting in the airport trying to taxi people. You think that the drivers in Utah are bad? Nothing in comparison to here. We drive on the road and see people packed into buses like donuts in a fat mans belly. The poverty is very sad here, you can see it by looking at the buildings/homes.

I love the CCM, I have learned so much here...a lot of it is because of my latino companion Elder Villegas. He is very helpful with the Language and very compassionate towards everybody. The food here is authentic...very good and some times picante (hot). I can tell it is going to be a great experience. Today was P-Day. We went to the Lima Temple and it was Elder Villegas´s first was really a cool experience.

I will continue to keep y'all updated. Chau!!

Friday, July 18, 2008

Tender mercies

The Earls, our very close family friends took a trip to the airport on Wednesday (the day he flew out) to drop off a family member. As they were waiting in line they saw a group of missionaries, and SURPRISE, one was Elder Griffin. They said he looks very happy and seems to be doing excellent. It was especially great that the Earls got to opportunity to see him because they weren't able to be here for the farewell. 


I am now in Lima, Peru!! I am alive and well. The flying time was 10 hours plus layovers. Peruvian food is great, we get to eat authentic food here at the CCM! The Lima temple is beautiful...I can't wait to go through it. My CCM companion is from Bolivia and will be serving in Eastern Peru. I have heard from so many people that the Provo MTC is like jail...try having 13 foot gates and walls surrounding the place, along with some people at the entrance. Life is good. Hope to hear from ya!

Thursday, July 3, 2008


We FINALLY heard from Taylor! He sounds like he's doing fantastic! From the letter:

"So I can now say a prayer in Spanish and also bare my testimony. The gift of tounges definitely comes...but not without work. I have worked so hard in the last week that we have been here..but the rewards are great. It is amazing how many elders and sisters are here and the power is multiplied by many with the unity that we have. So....the elder that we met at first....he is my companion in the M.T.C. we get along way good and he is also into music. That's crazy huh!!"
Elder Griffin and his 1st companion Elder Layton