Monday, January 19, 2009

The Field is White


This week was really great! Elder Perez is mocking my letter because he thinks he is so much cooler than I am, but really he isn’t. We made 2 baptismal dates for the 31 and really have some great investigators. I chased down a huge lizard almost the size of an alligator that crossed our path. I also had a pet iguana for 2 days under my bed. That was my dream for a while. But it was a pretty decent and very healthy (because it’s in the jungle) but it was sweet; but then the Elder Griffin came out and said, “you can’t have that in your room because it is a mission rule”. So that really didn’t last very long. I really have seen a little bit of changes in myself that I am glad about.

One of our investigators that we have a date for, we got the reference from a recent convert that my compi baptized. She was excited to hear us and we ended up getting a date with her too. I love this! So we went to invite her to church Saturday and she mentioned that, “I have decided I am getting baptized the 31 it is my decision.” The Lord continues to help us out in the work and really I love the scripture in D&C 4 that says that the field is white already to harvest because the Lord really does prepare so many people for us as missionaries and the only things that we have to do is try to always have the spirit, keep all of the rules, and talk to everybody.

The weather is pretty crazy, really hot, nice, and bam it rains lizards and jaguars (you know jungle version of cats and dogs). I really love this weather I was thinking that it would be sweet to have a vacation house here.

Love you and hope the best for all.
~Elder Griffin~

Friday, January 16, 2009

Did you say an accident waiting to happen?

Life in the and friends.

This week was well interesting; I have been peed on by a naked baby in his dads arms. I also cut weeds with a Machete, got bit by a dog in the face, interesting I have been wearing my ARMY BOOTS in the rain.

The people here are different. I have figured out that they sing their words more, and are a lot calmer. Even the drunks are calmer. The weather has been pretty hot or really rainy. We walk in the rain like it is nothing. I can walk in ANYTHING with my boots.

My Companion is ELDER PEREZ of Dallas, Texas his parents are both Mexican, so he speaks Spanish, really good Spanish, but also speaks English really well. I am very glad to be able to buy some cool stuff. He has really cool wooden mask.

These are some pictures, maybe also some videos of the flight if it has room. Mom, when I got bit by the dog it wasn’t really bad. I blew in its face like I do with our dog, Kyli, but this dog is a golden retriever and just bit my eyebrow and my lip a little bit. I didn’t really get hurt and I learned my lesson about doing dumb stuff like that. My companion says HI and that he is sad that he never got the opportunity to earn an eagle scout and be as high up on the list of great people as I am. JK no but he is really cool. I would send pictures but this computer is retarded. I also cut myself shaving today. My once a week shave; but time is out and I love you a lot.
~Elder Griffin~

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Jungle at Last

Hi Everybody! I got some interesting news, my next 6 weeks is in Iquitos Peru (JUNGLE). My companion is a Gringo\Mexicano de EE.UU- United States. His name is Elder Perez, the same as the president of the mission. Everything that I have heard about him has been good. It is crazy to think that I will be in Iquitos during the hottest part of the season and just in time for Carnival. This is the time when they throw dirty water on the missionaries. I am very excited for this change, I leave tomorrow. This last change has been great. I really learned a lot about how to be a better missionary and always follow the rules. I also think that my Spanish has improved a little bit. I sent a package off today. The cost of the travel was 200 soles almost 70 bucks. I know it is kind of an ouch. The funny part is that you’ve got to fill out about as much paper work as you would to cross every border in the world (really it was a lot). I told my companion for 200 soles and the paperwork I better get my package sent in another box but made out of metal with a lock on it. That isn’t how they work though. Here is the number for you guys. CP001779070PE....the company is SERPOST (EL CORREO DEL PERU)....if you have any other questions ask me.

Yes I will still get to Email but I have heard it is a little bit slower.

I love you so much and miss you guys a little. Say hi to everybody and tell the fam Rasmussen HI. I love you guys, THANKS SO MUCH for everything.

Yeah, I am excited to see the exotic animals and jungle. I know that this will be a great experience and I am kind of excited for it.

I fly out on Tuesday. Thanks a lot I love you,
~Elder Griffin~

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Peru

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It was a joy talking to ya’ll on Christmas. Christmas for us was well interesting. We ate with our cook and her family. We also had some fun watching the fireworks. It is so different here, they don’t have restrictions, so everybody is shooting off huge fireworks from every direction. Wwe were up on the roof so it was really cool to watch the show. This week has been one very interesting week. We had three baptisms of Julio Navarro and his daughter Maria Elisa, and also Nohelia. Julio had really had the determination the whole time and when it came down to the decision to have the baptism Friday he was very excited. He and his daughter showed up a little late, followed by his wife, who will probably get baptized a little later. The thing that made me mad was he almost cried because his rebellious son didn’t go to the baptism because he was playing soccer with his friends. Kids sometimes make dumb decisions. Julio said that he knew the church was true and that all the things in his life led him up to this point. I was very glad that half of the fam is done with the step of being baptized in their life. Nohelia had some really strong pressures at home. Nobody in her family are members and really kind of tried to discourage her. She also was determined at the start to get baptized, so what happened, she got baptized. I love baptisms they are such a sweet experience for us to be a part of as missionaries. Changes are coming up really soon and I don’t really know where I am going, or better yet if I am leaving the mission (comas1) Peru Lima North. We had the opportunity to go to the temple today. That was really an interesting experience. The last time that we were at the temple my recommend fell out of my pocket in one of the lockers. I talked to the leader of the zone and he said, “I don’t think that it will be a big deal because we have changes soon and you can just talk to the President and get a new one through an interview.” Well the bad news is this last change we didn’t have interviews, so I went to the temple and didn’t have my recommend. The President of the Mission had to talk to the President of the Temple to give me permission to go through this one time. It was SCARY. I have never had that feeling while watching all the others go through but not having my recommend.I was glad that everything worked out and I was able to go through. I love this work and really have had a great time.

Yesterday we had a farewell of some of the missionaries...and today we have p-day. I am sorry it isn’t the normal time. I was thinking if I go to the jungle it will be hard to coordinate with packages. But still send it cause I will get it in time.

I love you all and hope that everything is great. I LOVE YOU!
~Elder Taylor Griffin~