Monday, January 19, 2009

The Field is White


This week was really great! Elder Perez is mocking my letter because he thinks he is so much cooler than I am, but really he isn’t. We made 2 baptismal dates for the 31 and really have some great investigators. I chased down a huge lizard almost the size of an alligator that crossed our path. I also had a pet iguana for 2 days under my bed. That was my dream for a while. But it was a pretty decent and very healthy (because it’s in the jungle) but it was sweet; but then the Elder Griffin came out and said, “you can’t have that in your room because it is a mission rule”. So that really didn’t last very long. I really have seen a little bit of changes in myself that I am glad about.

One of our investigators that we have a date for, we got the reference from a recent convert that my compi baptized. She was excited to hear us and we ended up getting a date with her too. I love this! So we went to invite her to church Saturday and she mentioned that, “I have decided I am getting baptized the 31 it is my decision.” The Lord continues to help us out in the work and really I love the scripture in D&C 4 that says that the field is white already to harvest because the Lord really does prepare so many people for us as missionaries and the only things that we have to do is try to always have the spirit, keep all of the rules, and talk to everybody.

The weather is pretty crazy, really hot, nice, and bam it rains lizards and jaguars (you know jungle version of cats and dogs). I really love this weather I was thinking that it would be sweet to have a vacation house here.

Love you and hope the best for all.
~Elder Griffin~

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Jason the Awesome said...

Sounds like a vacation house down there wouldn't be too bad. And a lizard as big as an alligator is a definite plus. Don't see many of those here in Utah. All I have is school and stuff. Congrats on the 2 baptisms! I really have nothing more to say, I'm just writing to keep you busy. Bwahahahahahahaha!
~Jason Thorpe