Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Phone Call, Yea!!!

This week had it’s up and downs.

The baptisms have been jumping and falling also...the good we have two sisters, one that is twenty and single with a kid
and the other is her sister 12 yrs old. There family is all non-members and they have a bad example of not getting
married. Their parents aren’t married and haven’t been for a really long time. We are teaching the chunk of them they
have 18 people living in the house. If we baptize the two it could cause a chain effect. Noelia is the 20 yr old, she has
been fighting the temptations that the investigators always have, and told us that nothing is an obstacle for her getting
baptized this Saturday. Her sister is way smart and really wants to get baptized with her.

I have been trying to think a lot about this Christmas season. It is definitely different. It has been a great time in the mission
so far. I am trying to reflect on the New Year with new goals and new things to look forward too. I hope that we can all
reflect a little bit more on being more Christ like and really having a pure love of all mankind. I am very excited for a not
really cold Christmas, but I will miss the sledding with the cousins, all the presents, the family, the food, and the laughs
that we always share. I am looking for the blessings in this time and there are definitely a lot. People that really want to
progress, seeing lives change, feeling closer to my father in heaven more than ever, and the list continues.

I hope that everybody is good and doesn’t have a cold. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

(The following is in reply to e-mails sent to Elder Griffin. We are trying to share the gospel with some neighbors and friends)

I want to share so much the gospel when I get back... that is what we need here so much is that the members do their part. Please explain to our neighbors and family that I want them to hear the same message but in English in their houses. The missionaries are all doing the same work.

People have really got to step it up a couple notches...because the fact that when you are endowed you promise to give
all of yourself to God. They are focusing on things that are pointless for eternity. The members in general are getting
lazier and that is when bad things start happening.

I love you and appreciate that you are trying to share the gospel. Congratulate Ali and look forward to the call on
Christmas EVE. There is a lot to do to be able to feel good about sending a package; get postcards for the family; also
to get stickers of mother Mary and Jesu Cristo, a cd of photos and everything. It is crazy, and we don’t have a ton of time.

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, December 15, 2008

From 12 down to 3

This week was a little interesting. We had 12 baptisms set up with dates and everything for this month we ended this week with baptizing three and have only three more. Oscar had problems with word of wisdom again! We are still trying to help him out with that. 11- The wife and the son of Julio Navarro didn’t assist this week and so that’s two less 9- Two of the females that we had dates for haven’t gotten their permission from there husbands yet, kind of dissapointing-7-Harold, a 20 yr old from another church wants to get baptized in the new year. So we had a lot of the dates fall. The good was Eologia, a 73 yr old who has a son who is a member (inactivo) who has a daughter we were teaching discussions to (Jackzhetld) and her husband is a grumpy, abusive, temperamental.....anyway we taught her all lessons and she was interested. She had really wanted to move with her other family members to get away from her husband. Also, two sisters from the Catholic Church were fellowshipping her. We talked to her the day of the baptism but she straight up said, “I am not going to get baptized, I can’t do it. I just can’t do it, sorry.” Anyhow, she showed up to the interview of her grandson kind of discouraged, but a member who knows the family talked to her. Long story short, her son talked to her about the fact she needs to get baptized. All of us talked to her about the benefits, I baptized her Saturday. It was a really special experience about how it is possible to overcome everything and really change your life for the better. The Lord is trying to teach my comp and I something, we don’t really know what but I know that things will get better.
Our next changes are on the last day of the month. I haven’t sent the cd but made it, p day is kind of like every other day, hectic. I will get two new pants made for about twenty dollars to go with my suit. I didn’t know but the suit that you sent the pants had a whole in the crotch. So does the other suit. I am throwing those two pants away and having two more made. I will also buy one or two pairs of garments at the temple when we go. Thank Keaton and Tammy for the letter and the package, which was really cool to get. Also thank grandma Grace for her letters she always sends. I don’t really need anything; however more music would be nice. I would like pictures of everybody, fam, friends. Please thank Bishop GUNNEL for the letter.
It is crazy to think that Christmas is coming up so soon. I will try to send cards to the people that have sent me stuff. I also bought a few little things that I am going to send off hopefully today. I am not going to guarantee that you will get them before Christmas but I will try.

My health is good. When I get sick I always get better. It never is really THAT BAD. Our mission pres. wife really takes good care of us. My feet are good. I never have blisters or anything, and the shoes have held up really good (ECCOS). I don’t really have too much of a reason to wear the other pair. My back is alright, the beds are well, interesting but it’s holding up. I would tell you if it was bad or hurting.

There is not a part of the mission that has bicycles. We do take cars a little. The cars are like taxis.¡¡¡I will be getting kicked off the computer soon here but I love you so much and give congrats to the newly weds coming up... LOVE YOU:::CHAU!!
-Elder Griffin

Monday, December 8, 2008

More Member Referals Needed

Life is great. It is crazy to think that it is already December. It’s not cold here of course; it has actually been kind of hot.

My companion and I are having more fun and success as I have ever thought was possible. He is so great. He always has such a great attitude about how to do things.

The investigators are great. In this holiday season miracles are taking place in the hearts of people. We are making baptismal dates to people that I don’t really know how they are accepting the changes in there lives. I know that when God commands he prepares a way for the things to happen the way he wants.

Did you get a chance to watch the Christmas Devotional? We didn’t but I was just wondering if it was good.

This week has been kind of crazy, with lots of baptisms comes lots lots lots of hard work.

Try to share this amazing present with someone.

-Elder Griffin

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Member Referals Needed

This week was fantastic.

We have the goal of forty baptisms in two wards. This week we are off to a good start. I will not share the
number because it’s not about numbers, but there have been miracles.


This Thanksgiving was a little bit different. We didn’t have a big turkey with grandma’s mashed potatoes
and gravy, or yams or pies or anything else. Of course you know that they don’t celebrate that holiday here.
However, I
really am grateful for everything and am glad that they do celebrate Christmas here.

The not so good; Oscar had some problems with the word of wisdom again, but we are still having the baptism he just
needs to use the atonement and truly have a change of heart to conquer this addiction.

We have been working harder than I ever thought was possible. We have some really great people in our ward and
for 40 baptisms we really need help with references of friends, family, and others. I know that the Lord will continue
to bless us.

The weather here has been pretty hot the last week or two, I don’t really know how many degrees but It has been hot.
My companion is awesome!  He works hard, speaks English, and is really funny.  We have this thing down.  When
kids try to talk English mainly (hello, hello, gringo) I speak Spanish and say I am from Cajamarca (a place
here with lots
of gringo skinned people), then my comp speaks English. The kids really get confused with that.

This next week we will hopefully have our room painted. That is exciting that I helped out so much downstairs at
home, now t
hat will finally pay off.
This whole marriage thing is kind of crazy.  It is an interesting feeling having your sister get married when you
can't be there. Life is fantastic here. The work continues on.

Tell everybody thanks for the letters.

-Elder Griffin-