Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas Phone Call, Yea!!!

This week had it’s up and downs.

The baptisms have been jumping and falling also...the good we have two sisters, one that is twenty and single with a kid
and the other is her sister 12 yrs old. There family is all non-members and they have a bad example of not getting
married. Their parents aren’t married and haven’t been for a really long time. We are teaching the chunk of them they
have 18 people living in the house. If we baptize the two it could cause a chain effect. Noelia is the 20 yr old, she has
been fighting the temptations that the investigators always have, and told us that nothing is an obstacle for her getting
baptized this Saturday. Her sister is way smart and really wants to get baptized with her.

I have been trying to think a lot about this Christmas season. It is definitely different. It has been a great time in the mission
so far. I am trying to reflect on the New Year with new goals and new things to look forward too. I hope that we can all
reflect a little bit more on being more Christ like and really having a pure love of all mankind. I am very excited for a not
really cold Christmas, but I will miss the sledding with the cousins, all the presents, the family, the food, and the laughs
that we always share. I am looking for the blessings in this time and there are definitely a lot. People that really want to
progress, seeing lives change, feeling closer to my father in heaven more than ever, and the list continues.

I hope that everybody is good and doesn’t have a cold. LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!

(The following is in reply to e-mails sent to Elder Griffin. We are trying to share the gospel with some neighbors and friends)

I want to share so much the gospel when I get back... that is what we need here so much is that the members do their part. Please explain to our neighbors and family that I want them to hear the same message but in English in their houses. The missionaries are all doing the same work.

People have really got to step it up a couple notches...because the fact that when you are endowed you promise to give
all of yourself to God. They are focusing on things that are pointless for eternity. The members in general are getting
lazier and that is when bad things start happening.

I love you and appreciate that you are trying to share the gospel. Congratulate Ali and look forward to the call on
Christmas EVE. There is a lot to do to be able to feel good about sending a package; get postcards for the family; also
to get stickers of mother Mary and Jesu Cristo, a cd of photos and everything. It is crazy, and we don’t have a ton of time.

~Elder Griffin~

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