Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Member Referals Needed

This week was fantastic.

We have the goal of forty baptisms in two wards. This week we are off to a good start. I will not share the
number because it’s not about numbers, but there have been miracles.


This Thanksgiving was a little bit different. We didn’t have a big turkey with grandma’s mashed potatoes
and gravy, or yams or pies or anything else. Of course you know that they don’t celebrate that holiday here.
However, I
really am grateful for everything and am glad that they do celebrate Christmas here.

The not so good; Oscar had some problems with the word of wisdom again, but we are still having the baptism he just
needs to use the atonement and truly have a change of heart to conquer this addiction.

We have been working harder than I ever thought was possible. We have some really great people in our ward and
for 40 baptisms we really need help with references of friends, family, and others. I know that the Lord will continue
to bless us.

The weather here has been pretty hot the last week or two, I don’t really know how many degrees but It has been hot.
My companion is awesome!  He works hard, speaks English, and is really funny.  We have this thing down.  When
kids try to talk English mainly (hello, hello, gringo) I speak Spanish and say I am from Cajamarca (a place
here with lots
of gringo skinned people), then my comp speaks English. The kids really get confused with that.

This next week we will hopefully have our room painted. That is exciting that I helped out so much downstairs at
home, now t
hat will finally pay off.
This whole marriage thing is kind of crazy.  It is an interesting feeling having your sister get married when you
can't be there. Life is fantastic here. The work continues on.

Tell everybody thanks for the letters.

-Elder Griffin-

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