Monday, March 29, 2010

We Broke the Record!

We broke the record of our area. Our record was 6 baptisms and we passed it we had 8 baptisms in this month. What a happy birthday.
Angie and her daughter Yzabho were baptized.
The hermana Angie had a really hard time preparing.
Her husband is a really bad man. He didn’t want her to go to church and also forced her to have an abortion.
She had two interviews before she could be baptized. I am happy that after all the things that happened, she was baptized.
For my birthday we had two big parties, and it was really fun.
Tuesday we went to the temple and I went a little bit all out. I bought some pretty cool stuff.

I really am happy in these moments and I am still waiting to see a picture of our house.

I love you mom, dad and really hope that everything is going great.

Do you have news about the job dad? How are you mom?
That is true that time goes quickly. I did tell you that my journals and my notebook of memories were lost about 5 months ago. I will start another one up.

I love you dad and know that you will do great in the new job.
I have not gotten my package yet but it is IN LIMA. The rules in the mission are interesting but I think tomorrow I will receive it.
I love you guys and hope the best.
I have g2g.
les amo.
~Elder Griffin~

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Birthday and Eating Cuy

Well I feel very happy that I got so many emails. If you can give everybody un brazo gigante or a big hug, and tell them thanks. I will try to get some emails off but for the time it is hard.

This week was very interesting we had our 5 baptism in this month. Our record is 6 in this area and we have 2-3 more planned for this weekend. I am very happy and content with that.
My birthday, wow it was interesting. Yesterday we had pancakes for breakfast, and a really good lunch. Saturday we had Cuy or hamster. Well we had 2 get togethers with investigators and members. I was a little disappointed that I could not write you on my B-Day but I understand that it is not about me. Today we went to the temple and well I read your mind. I bought some pretty cool things there. I love going to the temple and receiving that battery filling experience. (Spiritually speaking) I really have been thinking about how blessed I have been. To be born in a Mormon family with so many other blessings.
I really do feel old. 21 I tell everybody that now legally I can buy alcohol...jk
I still have not gotten my package but I think the theme song of my mission is ¨patience, patience, lots of patience, ya ya ya.¨with piano written.

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, March 15, 2010

Package from Rasmussens

mamá, papá, y familia...

This week was full of ups and downs...first the ups.
1. We had the baptism of the Yañez family. (3 people)
2. I received a package and letters from the Rasmussen fam.

the downs.
1. 4 people did not go to church and so they will not be baptized on the dates that we had set.

Well, I am really happy and am excited for this week. It was so exciting to hear from the Rasmussens and to get a package. It always makes my week or month to hear from family and friends back home. The baptism went well for the Yañez family. they will be a great asset to the church in Peru.

Of course I get frusterated when people make commitments and then it falls through. Sometimes they just dont see the whole picture and are not able to prioritize the gospel in their lives. It is truly sad because it affects every aspect of their lives.

That is exciting that Pres. Knudsen will give me permission to visit Ry.
Let me know how everybody is. I love you and am so very grateful for all that you do.
I love you chau...
~Elder Griffin~

Monday, March 8, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

I am doing very well; we are having a lot of success! We now have 9 baptismal dates for the month of March. That is a great b-day present. We also had 12 investigators in the church. We are very happy and content with all of the blessings that the Lord is giving us. I love you guys and am so grateful for your love and support.

That is really exciting that it snowed so much during this past week. I have a question. Have you guys heard about the huge earthquake in Chile. ¿Como está Derek? Have you heard anything? (Elder Griffin’s cousin was called to Chile, but was still in the MTC in Provo during the earthquakes there).
Honestly speaking, we haven`t had many affects from the earthquake we are SO far away from Chile that we didn`t even feel anything. But the water on the beach has gone back 300 meters, and they say that there might be a tsunami. But we are so far away from the beach that we would just see it from a distance if it was GIGANTIC. I am secure that the Lord is protecting us every day, and I am not worried.

We have a mission rule that we CAN NOT speak English...we only have two gringos in our zone...Elder Merrill and I. We slip sometimes but really don`t speak English often. 100% I don`t think so but I would be safe to say....90%. Writing is sometimes a little English and Español.
I love you.
Chau mama, papa, y todos.
~Elder Griffin~

Monday, March 1, 2010

Jesus is our Rock

Mom, Dad and family;

This week was a week to remember, we had the baptism Saturday and the bad thing is that no one showed up from the ward, our ward mission leader, us and our golden family of three that have a date later in the month. (MITCHEL, PATRICIA, AND BRISA) They showed up and I felt bad that they had to see that none of the leaders showed up to the baptism and that the investigator didn’t show up either.
ON SUNDAY WE HAD THE BAPTISM OF JACOB¨10 yr old¨ his inactive parents and grandma came to the baptism.
Sunday, the family above went to church together for the first time and are very excited for their baptism on the 13 of March. I AM ALSO VERY EXCITED about Angie and Juanita, it`s an interesting story. I contacted her with my companion. She was arguing with a man (an acquaintance that didn`t fix the T.V. like she needed) in front of her house. I felt we needed to talk to her. We taught her and the man for about 20 minutes, and the man was very negative and really did not want to hear us. We returned days after to visit her to find out that she had invited another friend to the visit, Angie. After a couple of visits we learned that the two of them have husbands. Angie hasn`t assisted the church but told Patricia that she also wants to be baptized. So on Tuesday we will take a baptismal date for the 20 of March.
Que dice la vida, translation: what does your life say, translation gringo: how is the life? I really don`t understand sometimes the leaders, but we are so blessed to live in a place as holy as UTAH. (We told Elder Griffin that people all over the world have a problem obeying the Sabbath Day especially in Utah, where we should know better). I totally corrected them in a talk that I gave about how we can become founded upon the rock of our Redeemer.
How can we be built upon the Gospel
-Study of the scriptures
-obey the commandments.
-going to church and keeping the Sabbath day holy.
After my talk we went to call in a market and saw members buying things.
I Don’t UNDERSTAND IT!!! I know that the LORD will judge them and I don`t really need to.

I am so grateful for the blessings that we are receiving. I know that the Lord is blessing us.