Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Birthday and Eating Cuy

Well I feel very happy that I got so many emails. If you can give everybody un brazo gigante or a big hug, and tell them thanks. I will try to get some emails off but for the time it is hard.

This week was very interesting we had our 5 baptism in this month. Our record is 6 in this area and we have 2-3 more planned for this weekend. I am very happy and content with that.
My birthday, wow it was interesting. Yesterday we had pancakes for breakfast, and a really good lunch. Saturday we had Cuy or hamster. Well we had 2 get togethers with investigators and members. I was a little disappointed that I could not write you on my B-Day but I understand that it is not about me. Today we went to the temple and well I read your mind. I bought some pretty cool things there. I love going to the temple and receiving that battery filling experience. (Spiritually speaking) I really have been thinking about how blessed I have been. To be born in a Mormon family with so many other blessings.
I really do feel old. 21 I tell everybody that now legally I can buy alcohol...jk
I still have not gotten my package but I think the theme song of my mission is ¨patience, patience, lots of patience, ya ya ya.¨with piano written.

~Elder Griffin~

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