Monday, March 29, 2010

We Broke the Record!

We broke the record of our area. Our record was 6 baptisms and we passed it we had 8 baptisms in this month. What a happy birthday.
Angie and her daughter Yzabho were baptized.
The hermana Angie had a really hard time preparing.
Her husband is a really bad man. He didn’t want her to go to church and also forced her to have an abortion.
She had two interviews before she could be baptized. I am happy that after all the things that happened, she was baptized.
For my birthday we had two big parties, and it was really fun.
Tuesday we went to the temple and I went a little bit all out. I bought some pretty cool stuff.

I really am happy in these moments and I am still waiting to see a picture of our house.

I love you mom, dad and really hope that everything is going great.

Do you have news about the job dad? How are you mom?
That is true that time goes quickly. I did tell you that my journals and my notebook of memories were lost about 5 months ago. I will start another one up.

I love you dad and know that you will do great in the new job.
I have not gotten my package yet but it is IN LIMA. The rules in the mission are interesting but I think tomorrow I will receive it.
I love you guys and hope the best.
I have g2g.
les amo.
~Elder Griffin~

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