Monday, April 5, 2010

General Conference

This week was a very memorable week...
We have changes. I am going to Huacho, Norte Chico. It’s close to Barranca were I was at a while back. I am going to have my 4th son. I am very excited for the change and have a lot of things to do.

The conference was amazing. I was able to hear half of it in English and the other half in Spanish. I took out of the conference some points.
1. a greater love for my family.
2. a greater love for the authorities of the church
3. a greater love for our Savior Jesus Christ and His atonement.
4. a greater love for the Book of Mormon

I am very excited for the future. I feel calm, happy, pure, and really am having a great time. I know that I still can change many things and sometimes the disappointment kicks in, but I have great faith in the atonement and I know that I can conquer whatever challenge that faces me.

Thank you so much for being parents so great. I too was born of goodly parents, and have been taught in the ways of my father (and mother). Everyday I think of all the things I learned in my childhood. I still remember the promise that you gave me mom, that as I would read the Book of Mormon my studies would become better and that I would be able to understand books easier. I honestly did not believe it at the time and didn’t take the challenge upon me, until I came on the mission. Thanks to you and your loving challenge and promise, I took upon me to read the Book of Mormon and try to understand it. I have now read the Book of Mormon like 4-5 times in the mission and I now have a love for it, and I now am not afraid to read other books that teach me good things.

There are many lessons that I have been learning, all the times that you thought I was not listening I now understand that the words did penetrate my mind and have changed my attitude, the way I think, and who I am.
Thanks for being AWESOME PARENTS. I love you

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