Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Gaining the Branch Presidents Trust

Buenos Dias
My week...

We had changes and like I said I am training, but not just anyone. He is the cousin of a ex-assistant that I know and that was serving in the mission. He is really famous, in the mission and well his cousin is cool too. We have already had some success.

We entered in our area on Wednesday and well things have been going great. We met a member that has been going through a separation and well he has been really down and depressed. We listened to him tell his story of devoted service and blessings in his life and he told us that little by little he was not going to church, wasn’t praying, wasn’t having FHE and wasn’t doing his part and that is when his life hit bottom. His wife started to make many wrong decisions and well after a while when he woke up he didn’t have anything. His family had left him; he didn’t have clothes, a TV, or any objects. He thought about taking his life on more than one occasion. He told us that he is always thinking of his wife and kids, and that it is very hard for him. He than told us that in his moment of despair that the Branch President knocked on his door and told him that he had a deep impression that didn’t leave his mind. The impression is that he needed talk to this brother. He called him as the Young Men’s President. We made a promise to him that as he serves the Lord and always has the Lord on his mind that Christ will put the puzzle together. He is now active and has had MANY testimony growing experiences with us. He is a clown and really knows a lot of people in this small town. Thanks to him we are having a lot of success. He is now so happy and animated.

We had a conversation with the Branch President. We asked him for a list of 10 inactive families. He told us that he only wanted us to work with 5. I told him the reason why we wanted 10, is because it is a rule that President Pérez has given us and I explained to him that we will be giving a weekly report on their progress. He started to tell us that he had a list of 24 kids that have not been baptized. I told him that President Pérez wants us to focus on baptizing families and men. He told me, ¨but Elder these are baptisms¨. I expressed my love and told him that we have the goal as a companionship to divide your Branch. We can baptize these 24 kids and your Branch will not divide but we can baptize 7 families or Men and you might be able to Divide your Branch.
In the end he gave us a list of 10 families, and we went with him to visit two of these families. We gained his trust and now he knows that I am not a trunky Elder that really I am here to help him.
After that he gave us a list of all the people that have not yet been baptized but are members kids. We received about 6 possible or future baptisms.

We are very excited with our progress. I really do love the mission and I know that God will be at our side that really we can have 8 baptisms in a newly Divided Branch. Pray for us and I know that your prayers will help.

I love you and hope that everything has been great.
I did receive one B-Day Package, Thanks.
~Elder Griffin~

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