Monday, June 22, 2009

Greenie and Visit to Caral

Hey family and friends.

Life in Barranca is excellent. My new companion is Elder Villalpando. He is from Santa Cruz Bolivia. He is brand new, and really has a lot of energy and excitement to be here in the mission. I am very glad that he is a hard worker. I am trying to teach him everything that I have learned in 1 year in this change. I am doing good. We have three baptismal dates for the month of July. We are working hard so that we can have more.

I pray for the guidance of the spirit every day and it has been helping out a lot. I love changes because we can learn so much about ourselves and how we can help others also.

My visit to Caral last week on P-day was pretty sweet. I learned a lot about that place. It is full of ruins that are the oldest in South America. There are only bones of one human, a boy that was 18 yrs old. A funny thing happened when we were there, one of the missionaries was preaching to our tour guide that this is the story that is in Ether. It talks about the organization that got destroyed. I have a lot of pictures of the places and the ruins.

I love you guys tons and hope the best for you.

One year past! How cool, I feel so many things, happy, sad, excited, everything, wow!

Love YOU...!!!
~Elder Griffin~

Still in Baranca


I got the information of the change. I am staying here in Barranca. My companion is brand new from the Training Center and I will be training him. I don’t know his name yet.

We had the two baptisms this week.
Maria Esquivel Capcha
Madeleyne Mogollon

We had some really cool experiences. My companion baptized the two converts. I got to play the piano, it was a very nice experience.

This will be an interesting change. I will be very excited and contact like crazy. I know that the Lord will bless me as long as I am being obedient.

I was excited to hear about the family and friends. Ryan needs to keep trying to sell because sometimes the mission is like what he is facing...HARD....but the difference is that the Lord is always helping us out on the mission.

Guess what, my companion is going to Iquitos, chevere. How is life in the blessed land of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Is anything happening exciting? The dollar here is pretty much worth nothing. I think that the good change rate is about 3.2 and right now it is at 2.95 (dollars to soles) I don’t understand to much about what is going on in the government.

I love you.

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, June 15, 2009

P-day visit to Caral (June 8 post)

This week was really good I learned a lot of things that we need to do this next week so that we can have more success..

The members are helping out a lot more now. They are visiting and giving references. I can tell that things are really going to start moving now. I know that there are some great new investigators that will progress this week and we will get more baptismal dates.

Today we are going to Caral. It is an ancient historical town. I will take a bunch of pictures so that you can see it.

Te amo...I love you...
~Elder Griffin~

Branch President is giving referals. Are you? (June 1 post)

Life in Barranca.

Life is good. We had the baptism of Tomás Capcha. It was pretty cool. We upped our lessons this week. However, our fechas (investigators) that we had fell because they didn’t go to church. Now we’ve got to get them back. I was glad because in the meeting that we had with our Branch President, I talked about the fact that we need references from everybody because the goal of our branch is 51 references. I was glad at what happened next. He gave us 6 references of his family that he has been preparing for a while and feels now that they are ready.

When we had our Missionary Correlation we had a good talk about some of the things that need to go on this next month of June.

Also, Madeleyne that had a date for the 6, her sister is married (very good) has her birthday Tuesday. You know me tricky tricky, I planned that at 4 pm today we are going to "teach her" or in other words we planned a little party with the relief society and some other members to get her excited about going to church and also that she can get to know some of the members. We hope that this will turn out good so that we can have the two of them baptized. I don’t care whether it is together or separate but just baptized.

It is cool to hear about the temple being done. How many temples are there in my beloved home state of Utah now?

I know that many times in the mission that we go through difficult times to help us grow. I am really excited that I am in a area that is a little more difficult because I know that the Lord has a reason that I am here. I also am glad that I have a good companion Elder Davila. He does help me out a lot in the work and makes it a little easier. Also, there are some investigators that are progressing and that will get baptized soon. Just like in all things, patience is a good thing. :)

I really do appreciate you guys for all that you do. Como mis padres esteís en mi corazon para siempre. Estoy tan agradacido por esta opurtunidad para ser un misionero aqui. 11 meses pasáron rápido y estoy animado por los proximos 13.

I LOVE YOU MOM. I hope that everything is going great in the beloved U.S.A. I love you guys a ton. I will let you know how things go this week.
~Elder Griffin~

Reunion with CCM trainer (May 25 post)

Life in the Barranca.

Life is great here in the beach town of Barranca. The weather is a little cold, but it’s all good. We went to a huge statue of Christ this last preparation day. It was really a cool thing. I took some pretty cool pictures. I will have to mail them when I get time.

We didn’t have any baptisms this week but we had some pretty cool experiences. 4 of the 5 baptismal dates that we had showed up to church. We couldn’t get a hold of Requelmer all of this week. We went to his house 3 different times Sunday to find him but had no luck. His date fell for the month of May. We will try to get him for June.

Hna Narciso (one of my teachers in the CCM) sat in on one of our lessons. It was like I was in the CCM again. It was really cool, but the guy that we taught her with, after the powerful lesson, he drank in a party that night. So we have to try again.

We had a cool experience yesterday. We were ready to go to the church for our correlation and contacted a 21 yr old girl named Catarina. She let us teach her right in front of the church. After the lesson we left with a new baptismal date for the 20 of June. It is amazing the miracles that happen everyday.

How is life in the Lago Salado (Salt Lake)?

The interviews and the training was really good. I really had a good interview with president and had some great training.


~Elder Griffin~