Monday, June 15, 2009

Branch President is giving referals. Are you? (June 1 post)

Life in Barranca.

Life is good. We had the baptism of Tomás Capcha. It was pretty cool. We upped our lessons this week. However, our fechas (investigators) that we had fell because they didn’t go to church. Now we’ve got to get them back. I was glad because in the meeting that we had with our Branch President, I talked about the fact that we need references from everybody because the goal of our branch is 51 references. I was glad at what happened next. He gave us 6 references of his family that he has been preparing for a while and feels now that they are ready.

When we had our Missionary Correlation we had a good talk about some of the things that need to go on this next month of June.

Also, Madeleyne that had a date for the 6, her sister is married (very good) has her birthday Tuesday. You know me tricky tricky, I planned that at 4 pm today we are going to "teach her" or in other words we planned a little party with the relief society and some other members to get her excited about going to church and also that she can get to know some of the members. We hope that this will turn out good so that we can have the two of them baptized. I don’t care whether it is together or separate but just baptized.

It is cool to hear about the temple being done. How many temples are there in my beloved home state of Utah now?

I know that many times in the mission that we go through difficult times to help us grow. I am really excited that I am in a area that is a little more difficult because I know that the Lord has a reason that I am here. I also am glad that I have a good companion Elder Davila. He does help me out a lot in the work and makes it a little easier. Also, there are some investigators that are progressing and that will get baptized soon. Just like in all things, patience is a good thing. :)

I really do appreciate you guys for all that you do. Como mis padres esteís en mi corazon para siempre. Estoy tan agradacido por esta opurtunidad para ser un misionero aqui. 11 meses pasáron rápido y estoy animado por los proximos 13.

I LOVE YOU MOM. I hope that everything is going great in the beloved U.S.A. I love you guys a ton. I will let you know how things go this week.
~Elder Griffin~

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