Monday, June 22, 2009

Greenie and Visit to Caral

Hey family and friends.

Life in Barranca is excellent. My new companion is Elder Villalpando. He is from Santa Cruz Bolivia. He is brand new, and really has a lot of energy and excitement to be here in the mission. I am very glad that he is a hard worker. I am trying to teach him everything that I have learned in 1 year in this change. I am doing good. We have three baptismal dates for the month of July. We are working hard so that we can have more.

I pray for the guidance of the spirit every day and it has been helping out a lot. I love changes because we can learn so much about ourselves and how we can help others also.

My visit to Caral last week on P-day was pretty sweet. I learned a lot about that place. It is full of ruins that are the oldest in South America. There are only bones of one human, a boy that was 18 yrs old. A funny thing happened when we were there, one of the missionaries was preaching to our tour guide that this is the story that is in Ether. It talks about the organization that got destroyed. I have a lot of pictures of the places and the ruins.

I love you guys tons and hope the best for you.

One year past! How cool, I feel so many things, happy, sad, excited, everything, wow!

Love YOU...!!!
~Elder Griffin~

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