Thursday, February 19, 2009

Changes Coming

Mom life is great here in the jungle. Changes are here in two days. My companion Elder Perez is going to Mayobamba and I am staying here. My companion is ELDER MCGARY from Bolivia. He is one of the gringos that got kicked out. I know him a little bit and well I think will have a lot of success. I really had a good change with Elder Perez. Nothing really exciting happened this week. We contacted some really great people and sacked another date for the 21 with one of the friends of the members. Life continues at a fast pace and I am excited for the change.

I will get the package in about two days. A package in the jungle only arrives once every change.

I really want to teach some piano here, so if you can send one of my TECHNIQUE books that has the note values and I could use to teach a little about music.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Machetes and bats

We only have a half of an hour due to disobedient other elders but here it goes.

Life is going great. We had two baptisms today of Gudelia and her daughter Carla. It was really special. I had a first time with this; right before I was ready to do the ordinance the lights completely shut off. So we were both in the font and waiting for a couple minutes. After that we waited for someone to have a light, we ended up having a candle-lit baptism. I really love this work it is constantly new and exciting.

I also had some other interesting experiences, including chopping down a tree with a machete and having about 200 bats flying around trying to attack me. I scared me but it was an interesting experience.

I also took some pictures with two LIVE baby boas.

I know that this is the work of the Lord and that there is not any other work more rewarding. The exotic stuff is fun but the spiritual is the most amazing thing in my life. I know that the church is true and that it’s the only true church on this earth. I love my Heavenly Father and feel His hand in the work everyday.

Love you all and hope the best,
-Elder Griffin

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sudi? Do you really eat it?

Mission life in the jungles of Peru: I forgot to tell you that the airport of Iquitos is in my area our house is about less than a minute away from it. You can Google map it if you want. Our house is a red house right next to a gas station-Santo Thomas...about 4 or 5 more streets down the main road.

This week was great. I can now say I have eaten SUDI (a giant wax worm) and it was alive when I ate it. I also ate Alligator and a variety of other weird foods this week. Everything was really good though.

The works is also going great. We had 10 investigators in the chapel and also have two baptisms set for this Saturday. The baptisms are for a mother and daughter (Hudelia and Carla). I am very excited for them, and I know that they will get baptized. Also along with them we are going to get some more dates this week of some of the other 10 that went to church with us.

It rained and rained and rained like cats and dogs. I also took pictures with a boa that was about 10 minutes away from being skinned, but it looks pretty cool in the pictures. I also bought a really cool Machete for about 40 dollars. It’s not just a machete I had some people make a case with some animals made of a clay type substance and some leopard skin for the case. It really is cool looking.

Gracias mil para todas las cosas.