Monday, December 21, 2009

Chili's with the President/ more investigators

How is everybody??? Are you in the spirit of CHRISTMAS yet? This week was a really good week. We have found new people to teach, and Rommel (our date) is repenting and really changing his life. I am very excited for him. I love this work and as it gets closer and closer to Christmas, like always there are many mixed feelings. I am EXCITED to hear your voices, SAD because I only have 6 months left of this incredible work, GREATFUL for the birth, life and atoning sacrifice of our lord and Redeemer, JESUS CHRIST, and I am ENTHUSIASTIC to share this great message and light.

THE 24 I will call your phone (which one??) and than the 25 you can call me or I can call you, LET ME KNOW IN WHAT YOU FEEL IS BEST.


FELIZ NAVIDAD, FELIZ NAVIDAD, FELIZ NAVIDAD, PROSPERO AÑO DE FELICIDAD. I want to wish you a merry Christmas, I want to wish you a merry Christmas, I want to wish you a merry Christmas from the bottom of my heart. RRRREMIX I WANT SOME BABYBACK, BABYBACK, BABYBACK, GIVE ME MY BABYBACK, BABYBACK, BABYBACK, BABYBACK, CHILIS BABY BACK RIBS...It´s a CUT.

~Elder Griffin

Friday, December 18, 2009

Looking forward to new investigators

Mom, Dad, and everybody else.
This week was a really good week. The members are helping us out a ton in every aspect of the work. My companion is really cool and we are learning a lot together. We were able to take out our first baptismal date this last Saturday.
We were going to one of our lessons when I saw a man walking down the hill, I felt that we needed to talk to him but was a little hesitant, so I just said Hi. He said, ''Hi elders'' I have found that there are A LOT of people that know who we are that just say Elder but when we talk to them they don´t have any interest in listening to us, but I felt different this time. So we talked to him and he said that in this time of his life he had been going through a lot of problems. His mom about died. He recently divorced his wife etc. I asked him if we could teach him in his house, so we climbed a steep hill and taught him a little about the book of Mormon. Then we set a baptismal date with him. Sunday he was ready to go to church but he also invited his son and they both showed up to church. We had 6 investigators that went to church.

I had the opportunity to go the TEMPLE today and I bought the NEW SPANISH BIBLE. I think that it was cheap 82 soles, about 35 bucks. I really am excited to progress in this area and have a lot of success.

I really love you guys and hope that Life is good.

Answers to your questions:
Peru doesn’t have traditions for Christmas. Now, I will tell you what is cool, on Christmas day they make HUGE DOLLS and they burn them in the street. I will take pictures if I can. On New Year’s they shoot off about 5,000,000 fireworks in the entire valley. You feel that you are WW2

~Elder Griffin

Monday, December 14, 2009

Shopping, meeting Sis. Rich

Mom, Dad, and everybody else.

Buenos Dias, This week was a week full of joyful experiences. You are probably wondering why I took out a little bit of money from the bank. It is because I bought more, what´s the word, things from Iquitos, shirts, jewelry, paintings, and framed a picture for one of the families that I baptized (AREVALO TORREZ).

Traveling to Lima was interesting. On the plane from Iquitos to Lima I sat next to one of the players of C.N.I or better said the (Professional soccer team in Iquitos)
I am very excited to be here in Lima. I love my area and my companion. You guys are grandparents with THREE grandkids now. My companion is ELDER PEREZ he is from Guatemala. My area, well it is interesting they (the leaders) say that there are 200,000 residences in our area, and that it is half of the stake. Well, when we arrived our room was clean and that was the good news, the bad news is that when I opened up our AREA FOLDER there were not ANY investigators. So I said to my companion, the word "obstacle" means a way that we can progress and grow. We have the goal of 7 baptisms in December. We will need your prayers.

I am very excited. I watched the devotional with no other than LANDON RICH. He is on vacation with his mom. I got to meet her as well. THAT WAS REALLY COOL!!! But I really missed my mom, seeing a WHITE returned missionary with his mom.

I am very excited for this Christmas. I really liked what the Prophet and his counselors said, that we don´t need to spend SO MUCH time thinking about the presents and gifts, but we need to find the time and focus in what is important, CHRIST and his birth. I am so grateful to be a missionary and to share the restored gospel of Jesus Christ with everybody. I know that this Church is true. I know that God sent his only begotten son to the earth to die for us so that we might live. I have thought a lot about the little things that I miss, shoveling snow with Dad, baking the coconut bread with mom, making the caramels, playing my keyboard. But I know that I am where I need to be, and I will serve with all my heart, might, mind, and soul.

My area is called LA NARANJAL. It is about 35 minutes away from Tahuantinsuyo. We don´t have a church building for our ward, that is a little hard. We have to travel. 30 minutes to go to church
I love you.
Cuidense. TE AMO,

Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to Lima

Thursday Elder Pino of the 70 came to Iquitos and talked about our calling as missionaries. I love when we get the general authorities to come and teach us. They really help us to reevaluate where we are and what we can do better. I am ready to try some new things and keep putting into practice the other principles that we know work. It was really cool.

I am going back to Lima Zona (las palmeras)and I will be training AGAIN. I don’t know if the Mission President is just trying to see how patient I can be before my head explodes. jk.

I can say that I am leaving my area better than I found it. There are 3 very excited investigators that will be baptized in December. I am sad that I have to leave them, and will not be able to see them progress even further.

I am not really THAT EXCITED to go to Lima and train, but I know that there is a reason and I need to work hard and look for what I can do to help, we will see how it goes. I know that I will miss Iquitos and the people that I have learned to love here. I love the jungle and the humility of the people.

At least it will now be easier to receive packages for Christmas.
I really want snack foods(Sun flower seeds, hot cheetos, sour skittles.. teriyaki sauce and barbeque sauce. also HOT SAUCE, Beef jerky more Deodorant and that’s about it. I only have 7 months left there isn’t really any point of having a lot of stuff around. I know it sounds funny but I will just have to leave anything else you send that isn’t consumable. (we already sent a package for Christmas with these things so at least we were in line with what he wanted)

I love you and hope that everything is going good.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Acting as the first missionaries in Iquitos

Family and Friends...

This week was a really interesting week! First of all, Elder Sweet(from my MTC group) and I acted as the first North American missionaries in Iquitos. We went contacting, walking, knocking doors etc. We were filmed for a Documentary of BYU. It will come out in about 6 months. It was cool because I gained a stronger appreciation for the missionaries that first entered Iquitos. I did get my 30 seconds of FAME.!!

I had a work visit with Elder Sweet for two days. I was really excited to get together with him after so long. He helped me understand a couple of things that I can do better so that I can have more success, as a leader and trainer.

Things are good. I am very excited to be learning more and am trying to become better everyday. I love being a missionary and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don’t know how we got chosen. Probably looking at the fact that we are here, and we are two of the most normal looking missionaries in Iquitos at the moment. We don’t have much competition. The film will be out in about 6 months.

Mom life is good, sometimes there are struggles and hard times but life is good. I love you a lot and am grateful for your example, your love, your patience that you have always had. Have a great week.



Slow computers, and a full mailbox

I also completely missed your e-mails, and it was a really long week.

This week was well a good week. We taught a lot of new investigators but the problem is that no one is accepting a baptismal date. I really am trying to teach by the spirit with my companion and then challenge them to be baptized. But they always seem to have excuses and problems like working on Sunday, and other things. I don’t really understand why we can’t have any baptismal dates.

I really am grateful for your continued example dad I love you so much and really am grateful to be your son.

It really is hard sometimes to be a missionary and face rejection, but like you said you just have got to stick in there and always have a smile on your face and things will always change. I just know that the message that we have will change lives and people will be happier, if they would just listen and open their hearts.

I think I figured out the reason we could not communicate last week was because my computer was really slow and my mailbox was full so you didn’t receive emails and I didn’t either.

I sure hope that doesn’t happen again.

I love you

Monday, November 9, 2009

Ward families need to support new converts

Right when I got here I talked to the family AREVALO TORREZ they are good but are having some difficulties. The dad had a Derrame Cerebral I think that is a stroke but I am not sure. He is alright and only part of his face is lazy. I have also talked to a lot of members from my old ward.

This week was a really interesting week.
We had the baptism of Damisela Florez. She passed her interview but the problem was that the bishop didn’t show up and neither did anyone else. Only her friends and my companion and I were there. Nobody else from the ward showed up. I got to play the piano in sacrament meeting. We actually have a pretty nice keyboard and I am excited to play as often as I can.

My son is continuing to grow and getting better, little by little. I am excited for this week to become better and to have more spiritual experiences.


~Elder Griffin~

Monday, November 2, 2009

Another reason why we have the Word of Wisdom

Life in the mission,

This week was really interesting. I apologized to Artemio and his wife that I was not going to be able to attend his wedding. I was able to talk to him on Tuesday, face to face. We had a good talk and it really made me feel better.

Then, I traveled to the Beautiful city of Iquitos (1 and a half hours from Lima).

I was still confused whether I was going to be training or not. So, I now know that I am training. MY companion is Elder Venegas. He is from Piura, Peru. He really doesn’t know a lot. He is new in the gospel. I am giving him milk, and after a long time I will be able to give him meat.

I am the first person to train in the jungle in over 10 yrs. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but I am excited.

This is an interesting story...

We live with another companionship in our apartment, and it is really cool. We also live next to a family that the parents are both in the armed forces, they aren’t members.

Saturday Night my companion was showering and we heard the wife screaming, “Save me, Save me. HELP ME, SOMEBODY HELP ME.” We also heard crashing in the room. I heard what was happening and knew that something was wrong. I ran to the room of the other Elders and told them what was going on. I said that the husband was beating his wife. All of the neighbors heard the fight and were all in the road yelling and called the cops. I was with the other elder that has about the same time as me in the mission and we went to knock on the door to possibly help them out. They didn’t want to open it up. After about 5 minutes the Police showed up and after knocking on the door a long time the wife opened the door, but didn’t want to talk to the cops. I wasn’t yet changed into my pajamas and walked in to talk to her. I told her that we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and that we could help her. I asked her if we could talk, she said yes and invited us in. After talking to her we figured out that he was drinking large amounts of alcohol and got angry with her and well they fought it out a little. We calmed her down and helped her find a little bit of peace and comfort and we also gave her a blessing of comfort.

On Sunday we talked to him (her husband) after the side effects were worn off. We talked about the word of wisdom and the consequences of sin. And to skip to the end, they had a family prayer that he offered on his knees. They went to church Sunday. So we get to see again that the gospel changes lives. We are going to continue helping them.

I really received a stronger testimony after that one.
I am training a BRAND NEW ELDER from the MTC in Peru. I also am District Leader, double work.

I LOVE YOU. Have you sent the scales and stuff book? MY ward has a really decent keyboard and I actually might teach Piano.

I LOVE YOU, and am grateful for everything.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Going back to Iquitos

Papa, Mama y todos los demas... Este Semana fue una semana maravillosa..yo tuve muchas experiencias espirituales...

This week was sooo amazing. Like I said we went to the temple and I was able to have a very good experience there. We had the farewell of about 10 missionaries. That also was really spiritual to hear their testimonies. Elder Rich, one of the AP’s was one that is leaving and left a wonderful testimony. Also, Elder Herdt is leaving but I don't know if you know him.

We had the conference with Elder D. Todd Christoferson. I was able to play the piano in the conference. It was really a cool opportunity. I was able to sit very close to all of the General Authorities, Elder Christoferson, Elder Edgley (of the General Bishopric), Elder Nash, Elder Clayton, Elder Gavarret, Elder Pino, the Four Mission Presidents of the missions in Lima, other 70`s etc. It was a very wonderful and spiritual experience.

I love this church. I love that I have the opportunity to serve the Lord for two years.

GUESS WHAT I AM GOING TO IQUITOS for the SECOND TIME. I AM SOOOOOOO HAPPY! I am going to be the district leader and am going to train. WOO HOO.

I did not get the chance to talk with any of the General Authorities except for with Elder Edgley because he had a conference in the stake and was staying longer.

I will be leaving Wednesday for Iquitos and I am excited to see the members and new converts that I was able to meet last time there. I love the jungle and I am thrilled that I get this opportunity again.

I love you...CHAU.
-Elder Griffin

Monday, October 26, 2009

Seeing a convert moving forward

Today is our P-Day. It was really cool we went to the temple for the first time in 10 months for me.

I felt very spiritually uplifted as I read my Patriarchal Blessing in the Temple. Then after I was physically feed at BURGER KING. It’s not that amazing but it’s a nice change from RICE AND CHICKEN.

I was lucky today I bought a big picture of the Christ Statue in SLC. I will see if I can get it framed for Artemeo for a wedding present. His wedding date is October 30. They will get married civilly the day before and then sealed in the temple on the 30th. It is marvelous to see how the gospel enriches lives!

We now have one baptismal date and I am very excited for that. Things are not really changing but I am trying my best to do everything I can to stay obedient and do more than my part of the work.
We are really working hard to gain the confidence of the members so that we can have success.

I am very excited for this Saturday with Elder Christofferson coming and for the conference. It is a great opportunity to be able to play for the apostles that will be there.

I will let you know how it goes and if it possible Record it.
MY health is great. Nothing hurts. Everything is fantastic!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Playing the piano for an apostle

Mi querida y muy amada familia.
This week was an interesting week...

We had the interviews with President. Well to sum it all up we had a couple of changes in the district, to say the least. I am now directing the district from Antisuyo not Chinchaysuyo. The Elders that were there got changed. Elder Gonzalez and Elder Bravo, we will just say that I had a couple problems as there leader. They were doing dumb things and president took them out. I AM SO HAPPY NOW. We have 5 investigators that we are teaching that are 18 yrs and older.

I ALSO FOUND OUT that ELDER D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON is coming to PERU, LIMA again. This time do you know who is going to play the piano for the reunion? ELDER GRIFFIN!
I am very excited to play the piano in front of a general apostle.

Artemio Alfaro Dias will take out his endowments the 27, they will be married the 28 civilly and the 29 they are going through the temple, to be married for time and all eternity. I went to the other stake for part of conference to talk to him. I didn’t break any rules because it is part of the zone, but I was able to talk to him. I was excited to see him and talk to him.

We got to watch all the conference talks in SPANISH, all but the last talk of the prophet, because the cable was having problems.

I LOVE YOU and am grateful for your support and everything that you do.

Mom, it gets cold here but not cold enough to snow. We live up in the hills of Lima and yes it does get cold, but it’s all good.

I miss making salsa. Peru is known for there Aji or Peppers, they are hot but it’s NOT LIKE THE STATES.

I love you.
Mama...TODO ES POSIBLE con Dios.
CUIDATE...Y Saluda TODO la familia.

TE AMO con todo mi corazon, alma, mente...y etc.

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, October 5, 2009

A MISSION (The hardest but most rewarding experience)

Hey dad and Mom,
I have great news. MY first investigator, Artemio, I get to go through the temple with his wife and him this 29 of October, I am so excited. It is so awesome!

This week was a very interesting week. We aren’t really having a lot of success. I am trying to be the best missionary that I can, patient, loving, and I try to help him out. I just don’t know what I can do better to have a little bit of success. I feel like I am doing the major part of the work, the contacts, lessons and so forth, but we are practicing some things so that we can become better.
He is so un-animated.

I know that things will get better and I just need to put more of my faith in the Lord.

We are going to the center of Lima to see some things about the Inquisition.

I am so grateful for loving parents. I really don’t know where I would be with out you guys. You have shaped my life and helped me to grow into the person that I am today. I really had a hard week, when I was doing work visits, my companion only had 1 lesson in 2 days. That makes it hard to set an example to my district when we are not having success. The mission is the HARDEST thing that I have done in my life, but the most rewarding. I have had my handful of blessings and spiritual experiences.

Now thanks to you guys I have a lot more energy and ready for another week.

I Love you guys so much and hope the best this week. I will pray for all of you.

Thanks for your helping words.

-Elder Griffin

Monday, September 28, 2009

Exciting news for a convert, Temple Marrage

I finally received the package. YES! I love the things that you sent, the piano books are good but I still need the one that is more advanced, it is the book that I had that contains all of the arpeggios, scales, and everything else. Thanks for all of the music on the Ipod, for the hot cheetos, for the hot tamales and the sun flower seeds. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

This week was a good week. We have been working hard and trying to do the will of the Lord in our area. I know that there are hard times and there are times of joy and receiving. I am trying to be patient with my companion and help him open up a little bit more, and I hope that little by little he comes out of his shell.

I know that this work is the Lords work and that we always need to be obedient and do the things that he wants and then after we have been tested we will receive our reward.

I was just talking to Elder Hyde, I need to take out some money to resole them and also to buy speakers for my Ipod.

I haven’t seen any of my converts yet because I am in the other district. I hope that I will get the chance. My first convert (Artemio Alfaro Diaz) has a goal to get married in the temple. I am excited for that when it happens.


~Elder Griffin~

Monday, September 21, 2009

New area New Companion

(Elder Griffin was trying to send a picture of his worn out shoes, for the gaurantee at Mr. Mac) I AM SORRY SOMETIMES IT IS SUCH AN ADVENTURE TRYING TO WORK ON A PERUVIAN COMPUTER.

This week was good. I am now with a Guatamalteco his name is Elder Lopez. He is really quiet but is obedient and works hard. I am excited to help him talk with less fear. He will help me out with the few things that I struggle with in the Spanish language. Those are our goals.


ELDER HYDE is in my Zone along with Elder Atkinson. I am excited that there is more than ONE gringo in my zone. I am so incredibly happy. I LOVE YOU

Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to where I started.

¿Que tal? How are you guys?

Life is great.
I got the information of the change. I am going back to Lima. I will be in the same district that I started in. I could maybe be in the same house. This time however it will be as a District leader. I am very excited for the change. I hope that everything goes great. I am very excited to see some of the people and new converts that I met when I was a newbie.

We had the baptism of Dionicia Pagador this week. It was very good to see some of our fruits. We work hard and get lots of commitments but many of them fall through for various reasons. Marriage is not common here but living together is. That can be a huge road block for many people.

My companion is staying here in Paramonga. That will be good to have him look after many of the investigators that I will have to leave behind.

MY NEW COMPANION IS ELDER LOPEZ. I don’t know if I have met him yet or not. I will be in Tahuantinsuyo again. One of my classmates from Bingham High is also in this area. I am excited to know someone from my high school. His name is Elder Atkinson.

My favorite part of the mission I think is the lessons. I really have learned a lot about how I can teach the message in a clear, easy to understand way. I love that I can now look at someone and if I try hard, I can see there potential and who they really are. I know how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us and I try to see the people as He does. It really helps to know how to teach them and to love them when I take that approach. I also really like the Capacitations or teachings, I think that is the translation.


~Elder Griffin

Monday, September 7, 2009

Taking burning correction to improve

Family, friends, and anyone else.

This week was good. We had the interviews Wednesday, Thursday I had three interviews, and Friday I had a work visit. In other words it was a busy week.

The interviews were amazing. The assistants are ELDER SANTIAGO y ELDER RICH. They had some teachings and I really got to learn a lot. It was so funny. Presidente Perez BURNED two of the Zone leaders of Huacho HARD, because they had an activity of proselyting in their baptismal clothes. I don’t know where they got that Idea or if they received permission. President said that they needed to take it up with GOD in the night in a prayer to receive a forgiveness of the sin. Everybody felt the burn even though we had nothing to do with it. I learned that if the spirit says in the moment, that it is alright to burn in front of everybody so that they can also learn.

The interview was really good, I learned in what I can do better as a leader and as a representative of Christ.

I really am learning patience in this District...there are ALWAYS things that Elders need to do better, and I am in charge of helping them and correcting them when there is something wrong.

I really love this mission and this opportunity that I have to serve in Peru. The people are great and I love PARAMONGA. I know that God answers prayers. I about screamed in the morning, I lost my credit card of the mission. I rummaged through EVERYTHING trying to find it and I mean EVERYTHING. EVERYWHERE. After a couple minutes I prayed to find it and like the times when I was younger, I found it in my suit jacket, like two minutes after I prayed. I felt so good after.

We have two baptismal dates for September.

I love you all (family). I am so glad for your example and for your loving words. There are weeks that are hard, and it helps SO much to have the supporting and loving heartfelt words that you give, it gives me animos (I don’t remember that word in English), (I looked it up and it means encouragement) but it helps a lot. I know other missionaries that are from broken homes that NO ONE writes. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for them.

I love you guys. I know that the Lord is blessing you for my service and your obedience of the commandments.


-Elder Griffin

Time is going fast, 14 months gone by

Mission Life...

This week was a week full of interesting events. We had a Missionary Night that we had planned to be really cool. Unfortunately, NO ONE showed up. Finally at the last minute right when we were ready to close it, a man in the street said,"I was walking by the church and saw that the lights were on and I felt like I should walk in" so we had the activity with only one investigator, and 0 members that were not leaders. It was a success because we had the one investigator. We also had a baptism of Dula Meihuei. She is disabled and in a wheel chair, and had the need of hot water. The baptism was well VERY INTERESTING, I won’t explain the details of it but the good news is after all she was BAPTISED! WOO HOO!!!! I also had a work visit with ELDER CHAMBI. He is in my group of the CCM so that was interesting. I also had an interview with an investigator of Limoncillo. It also went well.
The interviews are this Wednesday. I am very excited for that, and well LIFE CONTINUES TO MOVE AT A FAST PACE, 14 MONTHS!!! tomorrow.

I Love you guys a lot and hope that EVERYTHING is going great

Monday, August 24, 2009

Worn out shoes (lots of tracting)

Hey mom and dad and everybody else...

This week was a full week. I had a work visit in my old area. It went surprisingly well. The last week they had way too many lessons and contacts. This week it was a little more realistic of numbers. We had 5 baptismal dates as of Saturday, Sunday only one came to church and kept her baptismal date.
Manuel drank again, we are going to give him some time to think through things.
Dante; it’s complicated, he just isn’t ready to make the decision to be baptized.
The other two did not come to church

Dula Meihuai will be baptized this Saturday. We are going to baptize her in warm water because she suffers from some health problems. She is in a wheel chair, paralyzed, but she is very smart and really wants to get baptized. I am very excited. We will baptize her in her chair. This is the second that we have had in a chair.

The lessons that we are having are going good and also the contacts. The people are just a LITTLE bit hard hearted. I know that the Lord can open their hearts and that we will have success, if we continue working hard.

I love you mom and hope that everything is going great.

(This is left in for any future missionaries. We got the Eccos at Mr. Mac and they do have a guarantee. The boots we got from Liahona and they also have a guarantee but have lasted very well).
I HAVE A QUESTION, ¿WHAT KIND OF A GUARANTEE DO MY ECCOS HAVE? I WILL BE HONEST, THEY HAVE A HUGE HOLE IN THE HEEL AND ARE FALLING APART. The bright side is, is that I wear my boots everyday. They are very durable I think I can use them for like 5 yrs, after the mission. I just wanted to know in what we can do with them. I CAN GET A NEW SOLE PUT ON FOR ABOUT 15 SOLES, or about 6 dollars.


(This is in response to the trials of mission life. Many times they have investigators fall to temptations and then miss their baptismal dates).
It’s all good. It is a little hard sometimes, but Christ never said that it would be easy to bring others unto him. I have heard to be part of the work of saving peoples lives we need to walk a little bit in the garden of Gethsemane. I have definitely felt that a little in the mission. BUT if everything is all great and perfect we wouldn’t be able to progress, and I know that as a leader and a missionary I need to become better and if that is the only way then I accept it, cool.

I LOVE YOU and my companion says hi.

I can go anywhere in the district if it IS NECESSARY. We have a medium sized district if you look on GOOGLE EARTH it is SUPE, BARRANCA, and PARAMONGA.

I HAVE GOT TO GO, and check up that everybody is only writing their family and not going on any other sites.

I LOVE YOU TONS AND AM VERY Grateful for the support that you are always giving.


Monday, August 17, 2009

Humility brings about change

Hey Family,

This week was really interesting and busy. I had a work visit in Supe and also my first interview. It went well she got baptized Saturday. The District is doing well, there are always things that could be better but it is all good.

Our area is good. We are having success but it is sometimes a little slow, we have 2 baptismal dates. One drank and we need to help him out. I am glad because we are finding some new people and are working hard.

Today we are going to play some futból....QUE CHEVERE.

It all depends in the way you look at it, ELDER NEMELKA (ex assistant) that lives like two minutes away from your house said and I quote, "The people of Barranca have the hardness like the people of LIMA and have the sins/iniquity of the people of IQUITOS." I thought that you would like that. The people are great. They do definitely have their taste of fiestas depending on the person. I would guess about 60 percent of the men drink EVERY SATURDAY and are having their, I don’t know what you call it, Hangovers Sunday. Sometimes they are still drinking, then they wonder why they don’t have money, and say that they don’t have time to listen to us because they have to work to feed there families. All I can say is that the people that are living the gospel are blessed in everything. The Lord blesses the members here just like those in the UNITED STATES. They have enough to live and to be happy. There are so many great-hearted members. I am so glad that I able to serve here and I can really say that I love the people here in Barranca.

A LITTLE ABOUT PARAMONGA. PARAMONGA is a city of cane. There is a huge sugar cane factory here and everybody works there. The original factory was built about 30 yrs ago by a North American. The guy built a part of the town for the workers and gave them a lot of benefits of everything, school, hospital, and everything. I was informed that years ago that the president got mad and kicked him out of Paramonga. All the citizens are mad and blame anything that goes wrong or that went wrong on the president that kicked out the gringo. I think that it is very funny.



Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sugar Cane in the air

I am really good but always a little more busy. I was just finishing a few papers that I’ve got to have.

This week was really good. I entered in the area and not A lot was done before me...the two past missionaries were finishing up and a little bit Trunky. {: ) We entered in the area and began our work. I feel that we worked really hard and got a lot done.

I immediately got the responsibilities. The zl’s gave me their cell phone because they had to go to Lima to receive the missionaries that are now in Barranca. They needed to call me to tell me when we had to pick them up. THAT WAS EXCITING. Also I got to call and see how things are going in the areas. Or even better, I got to receive their information. That was also interesting. As a District leader here it is a little different. There is only one District. That means that I’ve got responsibility over a larger group (I think).

I am very excited for this opportunity to be the District Leader here. I have a good district I THINK, and I am excited to see how things go this next week.


Paramonga is about 30 minutes from Barranca. In our area we have a SUGAR CANE factor. It is always piping off its sweet smelling contamination in the air. A lot of the people that live here are working in this plant, and the hours of work are horrible. They work very long shifts.


Elder Santillan is from Ecuador. He has a different accent than Bolivians and Peruvians It’s sometimes harder to understand, but it’s all good. This change will be his 3rd change. So he hasn’t been out very long. He teaches well, helps me out a lot, contacts good and has a good personality. We get along good.

The investigators are good. I am trying to find out who is Prepared for right now and who is Prepared for a little bit further in time. My responsibilities are every Tuesday I get to run the District meeting. I get to give capacitacions (teachings). I organize activities as a Zone, and I get to Interview the investigators that are ready for baptism...Exciting..!!!

The Lord is blessing us so much, and I hope to hear that you guys are also receiving the Lord’s blessings as well. I love you so much.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

New responsibilities and new area

Hey, Mom and Dad and Everybody. Dad that was really exciting that you got to talk to Elder Lynch. I knew him a little bit if I am right he was the zone leader in Iquitos in the other zone, but he was really cool and really energetic.

We had the interviews and I really learned a lot with the capacitaciónes (training) of the assistants and the President. I was also informed by President Perez that I will now be serving in Paramonga in the same zone but as District Leader....!!!!!!!!

I am a LITTLE bit nervous and really feel insufficient, but I know that the Lord will help me in this calling. My companion is Elder Santillan. He has 2 changes in the area, and has killed (sent them home.) his last two companions. President said that he wants Barranca to really grow and he told me that he trusts that I can do it. He also said that ELDER NEMELKA (Assistant) also served in the same place. It made me a little more nervous, but It’s all good I am REALLY EXCITED for this change, and for the confidence that the Lord has in me. I don’t know what I have done to have this confidence but I am excited.

Ya I know that I am way blessed. Also, Nathaly Arevalo wrote me (convert of Elder me and McGary). She said that her family is excellent and that her dad is the President of the Elders Quorum and that the Branch that we were serving in split into One Ward and two branches. I was very excited to hear that.

The changes are Wednesday, and I did not get a new keyboard but I will be playing on a keyboard or a piano in PARAMONGA, that’s cool huh?

I love you guys so much and hope that everything is great.

We had two baptisms this week on Friday; Luz Julia Mogollon Leon (34 años), and her son Erick Anderson Jara Mogollon (16 años). It was a really cool experience. They were both really excited and went to the activities Saturday and went to church on Sunday.

I think that my writing is a little bit of SPANGLISH. I really can’t speak great English, and writing is WAY WORSE. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH AND AM SO THANKFULL FOR THE SUPPORT AND EXAMPLE THAT YOU GUYS HAVE GIVEN ME......I LOVE YOU.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing the Mormon Tab

This week was fantastic!

We had the most success in a week than we have ever had in Barranca. We met and taught 13 new investigators this week that is pretty good because sometimes the people are a little bit harder here.
Luz and Erick; they didn´t get baptized Saturday because Luz drank coffee two days before the interview. They are very excited now and will get baptized this Saturday. We also taught a lady named Elia, she is one of the first investigators that I have taught that said that she wants to change her life and leave behind her bad habits. She said that she would prepare for a baptism on 8/8. She didn´t go to church because she was in the Chacra. I don´t know if that translates out to be farm or what, but she will come back this week.

My companion is really getting better at teaching and everything he is doing. I am trying to be patient and a lot of times it gets hard. I really think he is great and will do great things in the mission.

We live in the neighborhood named Urbanization del Carmen, and it was the week of the Virgin Del Carmen. So we had two huge parties directly in front of our house, with A TON of VERY LOUD MUSIC, LOTS OF BEER, people peeing in the street. It is funny how people can act so strange. We haven´t gotten a lot of sleep for two days. The Catholic culture is so interesting. They walk around the neighborhood with a huge Idol of this Virgin, with like 6 people carrying it. There is also with a band behind them and like 70 people following drunk, so funny.

I love you guys and it sounded like you had an enjoyable week too. I am so glad that everything is going good. I am so excited to get the package, for a lot of reasons.
I felt very trunky. I was in the house of a return missionary that had Mormon Tab music and it was the music of CALLED TO SERVE. I remembered all of the days going and coming home with dad to work listening to that music. It hit me a little bit, but it encouraged me to work harder.

I love you guys SO MUCH and hope that everything goes GREAT this week.

Faith to Heal

This week was a good week.

They liken the mission to a field that is already to harvest; I feel that in the mission field there is always a lot of work to do. We have a lot of investigators but a lot of them are not ready to progress and be baptized. Something that we are doing is we are cultivating our field. We are visiting everyone that we have and narrowing our numbers to concentrate on those that are ready to hear the message and apply it in their lives.

Luz and Erick were both really sick this week and only Luz came to church.
The good thing is I think that we can baptize them both this 18.

The president of our branch and another member had a reference for us. They had already taught him a little. We went to his house and taught him lesson 1 and talked about baptism. His leg is really ugly. He broke it and it’s really swollen. The doctor said that he can´t do much for about 3 months. We will see with the help of God what can happen. I have faith that he can be baptized this month.

The mission is an interesting process. I know that this is the work of the Lord. Even with that knowledge I have learned that for us to have a part in the salvation of other people, we also have to walk a little bit in the garden of Gethsemane. Sometimes things are a little hard, but I know that these experiences are making us stronger and more intelligent.

I love you guys so are amazingly awesome.
~Elder Griffin~

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hiding from the missionaries

We had a good week, just a little bit of difficulties but were are still going strong.

The grandpa of Luz and Erick died and they were in Lima the whole week, so their date fell because they still haven’t returned.

José Navarro has some things that he has to work out before he gets baptized. We called him probably 10 times trying to get a hold of him and nothing.

Joel de Paz, we went to his house Saturday and while we were in his house I think that he ESCAPED. I don’t know why. So we went to his house Sunday and he was busy and said to return in an hour. we returned and he wasn’t there.

We did get a date with a newly wedded husband, whose wife is a member of the church. He is really cool and will get baptized, but it is just a matter of time.

Life is great here in the mission.

It is only the opposition that can help us grow and become better missionaries, and later better fathers. I know that the lord is blessing us everyday and also that sometimes you need to find the blue in the sky, not the clouds. I know that there is always blue in the sky, EVEN IN LIMA.

I hope that you guys can find the blessings for the obedience to the commandments. Tell everybody Hi, and tell Tallon that I really hope that he can kneel and pray about the decision to serve a mission. Pray not if he should go, but for the help to do the will of his Father in Heaven.

I love you guys so much and hope the best for you....LOVE YOU

Monday, July 13, 2009

A God of Miracles

Family and Friends....

The mission is great.

We had a good week this baptisms but lots of spiritual experiences.
The goal in the mission is 100 families for the month of July.
We have a few that I think will get baptized. We are working really hard with the Mogollon Family.
Benito- still hasn’t gone to church but I believe that if we have someone who will be his friend he will accept baptism with his family.
Luz-she has a date for the 11 they both went to church yesterday.
Erick- he has a date for the 11

We had 7 baptismal dates Saturday and only 4 of them continued on to Sunday, but we are working really hard so that we can have the success.
We found a married family last night and taught them lesson 1. They are really an amazing family! The wife told us ¨what luck you guys have, we had just arrived. Then you guys knocked our door. I think you were sent here to help our spiritual side of things. I don’t know if that was a correct translation but something like that.
It was one of the first times that in a first visit the people recognized the importance of the spirit, and the way the Lord works.

That experience left a great impression in our hearts. I know that we will teach them again and they will be an eternal family, if they decide to do it. I am grateful for the guidance of the spirit in the places that we need to be.

Right now.....about Barranca.

The weather is a little cold. We walk with sweaters almost everyday. I am having a really good change with Elder Villalpando. I am always trying to show more patience and love with the companions. I am also trying to teach him how to teach, contact, organize the folder of our work and everything.
The Lord is blessing us for our efforts, and really is a God of Miracles. In the year that I have in the mission I can sum it up in one word, Miracles. Everyday we experience them and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary in this part of the world.

The only thing that is bad is that we don’t have a keyboard or a piano. I (ruined) the keyboard. It is about 26 years old and when I played it and it broke. The joke is that everyone is blaming me, how funny, I told them that we just need to buy one that is younger than I am.....jk.

Today for P-day we are doing a symbolic (I think is the word.) thing. We are dressed up with all the same color of shirts. We made a flag, and are going to climb the highest point of Barranca (Cerro de la Orca). I am excited. I am dressed like a goon. I have a cool tribal shirt that Elder Acevedo borrowed me. It’s from the jungle, followed with a necklace of snake bone and crocodile tooth around my neck, and a beanie from Cusco, that I bought here in Barranca. I will definitely take some pictures.

I love you guys so much, y voy estar pronto.

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, June 22, 2009

Greenie and Visit to Caral

Hey family and friends.

Life in Barranca is excellent. My new companion is Elder Villalpando. He is from Santa Cruz Bolivia. He is brand new, and really has a lot of energy and excitement to be here in the mission. I am very glad that he is a hard worker. I am trying to teach him everything that I have learned in 1 year in this change. I am doing good. We have three baptismal dates for the month of July. We are working hard so that we can have more.

I pray for the guidance of the spirit every day and it has been helping out a lot. I love changes because we can learn so much about ourselves and how we can help others also.

My visit to Caral last week on P-day was pretty sweet. I learned a lot about that place. It is full of ruins that are the oldest in South America. There are only bones of one human, a boy that was 18 yrs old. A funny thing happened when we were there, one of the missionaries was preaching to our tour guide that this is the story that is in Ether. It talks about the organization that got destroyed. I have a lot of pictures of the places and the ruins.

I love you guys tons and hope the best for you.

One year past! How cool, I feel so many things, happy, sad, excited, everything, wow!

Love YOU...!!!
~Elder Griffin~

Still in Baranca


I got the information of the change. I am staying here in Barranca. My companion is brand new from the Training Center and I will be training him. I don’t know his name yet.

We had the two baptisms this week.
Maria Esquivel Capcha
Madeleyne Mogollon

We had some really cool experiences. My companion baptized the two converts. I got to play the piano, it was a very nice experience.

This will be an interesting change. I will be very excited and contact like crazy. I know that the Lord will bless me as long as I am being obedient.

I was excited to hear about the family and friends. Ryan needs to keep trying to sell because sometimes the mission is like what he is facing...HARD....but the difference is that the Lord is always helping us out on the mission.

Guess what, my companion is going to Iquitos, chevere. How is life in the blessed land of THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA? Is anything happening exciting? The dollar here is pretty much worth nothing. I think that the good change rate is about 3.2 and right now it is at 2.95 (dollars to soles) I don’t understand to much about what is going on in the government.

I love you.

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, June 15, 2009

P-day visit to Caral (June 8 post)

This week was really good I learned a lot of things that we need to do this next week so that we can have more success..

The members are helping out a lot more now. They are visiting and giving references. I can tell that things are really going to start moving now. I know that there are some great new investigators that will progress this week and we will get more baptismal dates.

Today we are going to Caral. It is an ancient historical town. I will take a bunch of pictures so that you can see it.

Te amo...I love you...
~Elder Griffin~

Branch President is giving referals. Are you? (June 1 post)

Life in Barranca.

Life is good. We had the baptism of Tomás Capcha. It was pretty cool. We upped our lessons this week. However, our fechas (investigators) that we had fell because they didn’t go to church. Now we’ve got to get them back. I was glad because in the meeting that we had with our Branch President, I talked about the fact that we need references from everybody because the goal of our branch is 51 references. I was glad at what happened next. He gave us 6 references of his family that he has been preparing for a while and feels now that they are ready.

When we had our Missionary Correlation we had a good talk about some of the things that need to go on this next month of June.

Also, Madeleyne that had a date for the 6, her sister is married (very good) has her birthday Tuesday. You know me tricky tricky, I planned that at 4 pm today we are going to "teach her" or in other words we planned a little party with the relief society and some other members to get her excited about going to church and also that she can get to know some of the members. We hope that this will turn out good so that we can have the two of them baptized. I don’t care whether it is together or separate but just baptized.

It is cool to hear about the temple being done. How many temples are there in my beloved home state of Utah now?

I know that many times in the mission that we go through difficult times to help us grow. I am really excited that I am in a area that is a little more difficult because I know that the Lord has a reason that I am here. I also am glad that I have a good companion Elder Davila. He does help me out a lot in the work and makes it a little easier. Also, there are some investigators that are progressing and that will get baptized soon. Just like in all things, patience is a good thing. :)

I really do appreciate you guys for all that you do. Como mis padres esteís en mi corazon para siempre. Estoy tan agradacido por esta opurtunidad para ser un misionero aqui. 11 meses pasáron rápido y estoy animado por los proximos 13.

I LOVE YOU MOM. I hope that everything is going great in the beloved U.S.A. I love you guys a ton. I will let you know how things go this week.
~Elder Griffin~

Reunion with CCM trainer (May 25 post)

Life in the Barranca.

Life is great here in the beach town of Barranca. The weather is a little cold, but it’s all good. We went to a huge statue of Christ this last preparation day. It was really a cool thing. I took some pretty cool pictures. I will have to mail them when I get time.

We didn’t have any baptisms this week but we had some pretty cool experiences. 4 of the 5 baptismal dates that we had showed up to church. We couldn’t get a hold of Requelmer all of this week. We went to his house 3 different times Sunday to find him but had no luck. His date fell for the month of May. We will try to get him for June.

Hna Narciso (one of my teachers in the CCM) sat in on one of our lessons. It was like I was in the CCM again. It was really cool, but the guy that we taught her with, after the powerful lesson, he drank in a party that night. So we have to try again.

We had a cool experience yesterday. We were ready to go to the church for our correlation and contacted a 21 yr old girl named Catarina. She let us teach her right in front of the church. After the lesson we left with a new baptismal date for the 20 of June. It is amazing the miracles that happen everyday.

How is life in the Lago Salado (Salt Lake)?

The interviews and the training was really good. I really had a good interview with president and had some great training.


~Elder Griffin~

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colder Weather

We had the baptism of Antonio Capcha. He is a really great investigator and will really have a lot of success in his life. Also, his brother José Luis is cool. He has all the lessons and has assisted about 4 times but has a little bit of fear of falling in the same temptations that he had before. We fasted this Sunday with him to help him to feel ready for this 30 of May. He told us that so far he isn’t ready but feels like it is close that he will get baptized. He said that out of 100 percent he is at about 85.

In the Missionary Correlation all of the leaders of every organization were there, which means that they are ready to help us out. I was very excited to tell them how we can have success and how they can help us out.

We have 3 baptismal dates.
Riquelmer (17 years old)
Tomás (10 years old)
José Navarro (30 years old)

We are working really hard so that we can have success and have fun doing the work of the Lord. One of the only problems that we are having is that our plans always are falling through. There are a lot of people that say, “Ya come by my house at this time” and then they are never there, but everything is going good.

It is kind of cold here. It gets cold enough that we can see our breath in the mornings.

I am staying just fine and healthy. The weather is a big difference, Iquitos was hot. The change is alright however.

Today we are going to a huge Christ statue that is here. Here are some more pictures. The baptisms of Mishelle and one photo of the family Arevalo Torrez.
Love you a lot.....CHAU.......LOVE YOU

~Elder Griffin~

Monday, May 18, 2009

Lots of work in the new area

Life in Barranca Peru....

Life is great here. We had a good week. When I entered here from Iquitos it was a little bit weird. When I left Iquitos we had 5 baptisms this month and 6 more that were planned. Here in my area so far they haven’t had one and the other missionaries only had one planned. Long story short there is a lot of work that needs to go on here. This is the last week that counts for May, so we really need to work hard to have 9 baptisms this month.

We have 2 of 9

Riquelmer was a contact the first day that I was here. We had talked to him and taught him part of lesson 3 on FAITH, Repentance, BAPTISM and so forth. We took out a date for the 30 of May and he accepted we also received the permission of his mother.
That experience was very spiritual and I really have a lot of faith that if we are obedient and work hard, then we can have a lot of success and we can fulfill the goals that we have.

Happy Mothers Day, for every mother in the world, especialmente mi mama te amo bastante y quiero que tu puedas tener mucha felicidad en tu vida.

My companions name is Elder Davila he is from Moquegua- Peru. He only has about 3 months in the mission, a newbi. He is really cool. He likes basketball and I like that he has the batteries to work hard and I know that we will have some success.

-Elder Griffin

The following is a letter that Elder Griffin e-mailed to his Grandma through us. I thought it was something that others would like to hear as well so I am including it with this post.


I love you grandma and wish you a happy mothers day. I love the scripture 2Nephi 2:25 it talks about why we are here in the earth. Grandma I really appreciate the love that you have shown with all of the letters that you have sent you are amazing and I really am thankful. I invite you to read in first Nephi about the differences in Laman and Lemuel and there attitudes and Nephi. I find it interesting that they always did what they were told but the difference in attitude changes everything. I really hope grandma that you can live in happiness and joy. God only knows how long we can live and we need to endure to the end.

Elder Griffin....your grandchild.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Call

We receive our mother's day call at around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night. The two highlights of the year for missionary families is Christmas and Mother's Day. It was wonderful to hear Elder Griffin's voice and the accent along with it. His sentences all end with the inflection in his voice going up, which is common for a Spanish accent. He spoke a lot of Spanish to us with us understanding very little. He had a hard time finding the English word several times which means that he is thinking in Spanish (that is a good thing). His Spanish was clear and fast, and we are slow and don't understand much.

Elder Griffin was blessed by our Stake President that he would not be hindered by health problems and so far that blessing has held true. He has had a little sickness here and there but nothing to stop the work. He loved Iquitos and is looking forward to helping the work in Barranca. In this transfer they came in with no pending baptisms and a lot of work to get the needed 9 baptisms for their goal. He talked about the differences in culture and how it is sometimes hard because the tradition is that people just live together instead of getting married. Some of them don't accept the gospel because they don't want to get married and the missionaries can not progress the people when they want to live in sin. He voiced his frustration with how Satan has a hold on some of the people. He shared his testimony of the restored gospel and how it is the gospel of happiness and how he loves the work and how it changes lives for the better.

Back to Lima

We got our information and I am headed back to Lima (Barranca) my comañero se llama Elder Davilla. My leader of the zone is ELDER MCGARY. Guess what, I AM COMPAÑERO MAYOR.

This week was great...
we ended the week with 5 baptisms.
David (25) familia de oro
Aida (35) familia de oro
Jureli (14) su hija
Miguelito (17)

We ended this change with 11 baptisms and my baptisms here in the jungle are 21.

I love the jungle of Iquitos Peru and really I will miss it. I am very excited/nervous for this change and know that the Lord will help me. I am so grateful for everyday of the mission.

I am having so many emotions going through me. I have to leave 21 converts/friends here. This will be difficult. I have really grown to love these people and I will miss them. I am excited to be companion mayor and really am a little nervous because the responsibility just jumped really high.

I love you guys a ton and am really way excited to hear your voices. Cuidense mucho, te amo.
~Elder Griffin~

Monday, May 4, 2009

Wonderful converts progressing

Life here is great.

We ended the week (Saturday) with 15 baptismal dates for the month of May. We really worked hard so that they were prepared and ready. We went to gather some of these lost sheep yesterday, and well, 10 of the 15 went to church and are ready.

It is kind of disappointing on Sunday because if people don’t go then we have to postpone or cancel the baptismal date. I do feel good though because we can know who is actually ready and who just accepted to accept.

We had stake conference and Presidente Perez came to our conference. We were a little bit late to the conference and Hna Perez had to play the opening hymn. I felt kind of bad but she likes playing. I played the piano for the choir and it turned out alright, my part was good, but the choir could use a tad bit more of practice. What was really cool was that I got to see that two of our investigators, MAMERTO HUAYMACARI and MANUEL AREVAVALO, ordained to the Melcezidek priesthood. I know that this step will really help their families right now. It will also help to prepare them so that they will become an eternal family.

The blessings are pouring like the rain in Iquitos and I guess according to your message like the rain in South Jordan Utah.

I am also really glad that we have 45 minutes. I am glad that President put his trust in us. I hope that other missionaries try to think the next time that they are disobedient.

It is really weird that changes are in the next week and a half. I don’t know anything up until now about what changes will bring for me.

Love you, THANKS:
~Elder Griffin~

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mission goal (505 Baptisms in May)

This week was more fantastic than the others. We got the information of the goal that our mission is having for May, 505 baptisms. We set the personal goal of having 12 baptisms this next month.

We had the baptism of four this last Saturday.
Mishel (16)
Nohelia (11)
Ema (11)
Milagros (19)

It was a really cool experience. I know that the Lord is blessing us.

So the first of the week we were really stressed out because we did the math of the numbers the Mission President had challenged us, and figured out that after the baptisms of the people in April that we were dead. There were not sufficient investigators for May.

We planned for the next week and prayed for the spirit of revelation. My companion and I received revelation that we needed to write the possible future investigators and we needed to have a division (splits). So we planned it for Saturday. Two future missionaries that have the Melchizedek Priesthood went out with us on Saturday. We ended the week with 55 lessons!! Along with the four people that got baptized we now have 11 of 12 baptismal dates for the month of May.

I don’t know how everything worked out, but it did. I know that the Lord has so many people in our area that are prepared and ready to hear the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and make this decision in their lives.

My companion is pretty cool. We do have our differences but are having success. A lot of hard work and we have the fruits of our labors.

I love you guys. Please pray for us and also for the mission so that we can have this extra help to complete our goals that we have set. I know that the power of prayer is huge.
-Elder Griffin

¿Que tal la buena vida en mi casa?

I am so excited for the month of May. I don’t know if I will be here still but that doesn’t make any kind of a difference. 12

Monday, April 20, 2009

The work rolls forth

Life is great! The success that Elder McGary and I had is continuing.

We had the baptism of Queli Huaymacari Ahuanari (24 years old). It was really special. She is the daughter of Mamerto and Bertha (two of the converts that we had).

We have 9 more baptismal dates set.
Mishel (16)
ALL OF THEM ARE GIRLS and are all getting baptised this saturday.
Then we have
David (25)
ALL OF THEM ARE GUYS and are all getting baptized the 25 of April,
and last (Jureli(15)for the 2 of May) We are also trying to get her mom in the waters the same day, we will see if that works out.

Life is great. Everyday I am having EXPERIENCIAS ESPIRITUALES. I love this work and know that this is the Lords work. The church is growing fast here in Iquitos. I haven’t felt more happy and content with the work that is happening.

That is interesting to hear that so many of your co-workers are being laid off. Just be glad that you still have a job. I hope that everything will turn out for the good. I know that if you are doing your hardest to do everything that you know is right that the Lord will bless you with work and everything else. I have so much faith that the Lord will help you guys out. You are amazing and ARE MY HERO. I LOVE YOU TONS. I love you all so much and really know that everything will be alright. Helaman 5:12 (if you have Christ as the rock you will never be let down.) Good luck and have a great week.


Monday, April 13, 2009

General Conference

Life is great.

Conference was awesome. Unfortunately, we missed the first session due to bad planning and miscommunication. The whole thing was in Spanish, but surprisingly I understood a lot and it really gave me a new look on life and (life in the mission). I really loved Elder Holland's talk on Christ. It brought the message home of what we believe. It was really special we had 12 of our investigators in the church with us.

We have 6 baptismal dates.
Quelli Huaymacari(24)-11deAbril
Mishel y Ema (16 y 11) 18deAbril
Nohelia (15)18deAbril
Miguel (17) 25deAbril

We had some really spiritual experiences this week. Enrique is the dad of one of the members in our branch. We got the reference and went to there house with the member. She had said that they are really hard to talk to about religion and might not be interested. That idea was correct. When we said hi to him and started talking he was kind of hesitant in letting us in and talking, but his daughter was with us with his grandchild. He let us in....we taught him about Lesson 3 and we asked him about baptism. He accepted.

He told us the last time that we visited that him and his wife were kind of fighting a little. Things were kind of bad. He said that when we came in and taught him, things started to change. We are now going to talk to his wife and see if we can get her with the same baptismal date.

We also had another cool experience.
We were walking down a busy road on the way to an appointment, when a guy stopped us and told us that he wanted us to visit him the next day. We wrote down his information and visited him the next day. We were a little late because we didn’t know where he lived. But luckily we found his house and while we were waiting for him to open the door, glanced in the house to know who he was. We saw pictures and quotes of evangelical stuff. We have once in a while people that will invite us in very happy, and later we figure out they want us to bible bash. Well this was a little different. He invited us in and locked his door...weird.....we sat down (we were a little nervous) and talked to him. He had his family there and we start talking. He isn’t married but was receiving lessons from other missionaries. After a time they moved and he hasn’t gone to church since. He knew who we were and wanted to talk to us about investigating again.

So far nothing has happened but we are planning on meeting him again.

Guess what mom; Elder Layton is in my ZONE. He was the very first person I knew, my companion in the MTC...and everything. He is the MAXIMO.

I know that this is the work of the Lord and that we as missionaries are the instruments to get the job done the right way.

I love you all so much and hope that you guys are all doing great.
-Elder Griffin

Monday, March 30, 2009

Packages and many investigators

Life is great here my new comp is good but a little different than with Elder McGary. So far we have had one baptism. We will definitely be having more.

Nancy Pacheco Pizango was baptized this last Saturday. I had the opportunity of baptizing her. It was really a special opportunity. She really didn’t want to get baptized because she cut her finger the same day and thought that it was bad juju. She thought that it was a sign that she shouldn’t get baptized. We explained to her that it wasn’t bad luck or anything that it just happened.

Also we have 5 fechas right now. Llerilith and Quelli two of the daughters of Mamerto and Bertha (recent converts) and we also got a really good reference from a member that said that her husband isn’t a member. We went over there and talked to him. Also, the other 3 girls that live next door are listening to the discussions. Long story short we now have another family of gold because they are married and we only fault the husband also, we talked to the three girls. One of them is living with her boyfriend, we are working on marrying them and baptizing the two (Luisa and Peter), and the other two (Mishel and Ema) are getting baptized this 18 of April.

I know that the Lord is always preparing people for us and we keep accepting them with smiles on our faces. I am trying to learn a lot of things before I hit the ¨hump¨.

I did get my package and three others. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you so much. I could barely carry this mountain of letters and packages. Tell everybody THANK YOU SO MUCH.

My health is great and everything I really haven’t been sick and I am trying to lose this little testimony of mine (my belly\testimony of the food) jk.

It is cool to be with Elders, Ridge, Hyde, Layton, Fidler, a whole lot of them here in Iquitos. I spent time with them in the Provo MTC. They are great friends and incredible missionaries.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthdays and a girl named Ahororra

Thanks for the Feliz Cumpleanos, life is great.

This week was amazing. We had the baptism of Marilda Mozombite. She had an interesting experience. I know that the missionaries before me had taught her and had tried to get a baptismal date. I also tried to get one with Perez but she had doubts, and didn’t really want to. Finally she decided that she wanted to get baptized and well long story short she is now a member of the church. She is one of the last in her family that is a member.

I also had my birthday yesterday. I went over to Marildas house to eat and to have a little bit of a party. Well I invited a great friend of the opposite sex that lives in Lima her name is Ahororra. She is a parrot that talks and laughs. I wanted to have her at the party because this bird is the funniest thing that I know. I also got 2 eggs smashed on my head with flour thrown also all over my clothes. I received two cakes, one from them, and one from my pentionista. Yesterday was a really special day for me. I really was excited. Also, one of my recent converts gave me a little thing that she drew.

I got my change information. I am going to Iquitos Peru- Secada which is the same place as before. My companion is Elder Barba, he was already in my District and I can tell it will be fun...and that we will have more success.

We (Elder McGary and I) ended up with 8 baptisms. I really learned a lot with him. He is a great missionary and really will have a lot of success in Lima.

I was glad to hear about Elder Vigil’s mom talking to you. He is my zone leader and is absolutely amazing. He has taught me so many new things and really has helped me out with the language. He speaks basically perfect Spanish and is a teaching machine.

I hope that everything is going great. I love you all.
~Elder Griffin~

Monday, March 16, 2009

The work rolls forth

Life here in Iquitos is wonderful as always. The weather is always pretty much the same. It is very tropical and very humid.

We had another baptism this last Saturday of a kid named Oscar Daniel del Busto Vargas. His grandpa is the mission leader of this ward and his parents were both inactive. He is a really powerful kid and wanted to get baptized. Now his parents are active and happier.

Manuel (Arevalo) and his family are doing great. He reads principles of the gospel when he has free time and really has been powerful. He read about the importance of Fasting and had his first fast this last Sunday. He also is sharing the gospel and inviting other people to church. His daughters (Nathaly and Monserrat) are both in seminary and they (there family) are assisting all of the activities that the church has.

I really feel like we have had a successful change so far and know that we will continue to have more!

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ BLESSES FAMILIES. Not only has it blessed mine personally but that of others. I love this opportunity to serve and the experiences that I will never forget.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Blessings come when following the commandments

Life is great we had the opportunity to baptize two families; the family Arevalo Torrez and the family Huaimacari Awanari.

We had some very amazing experiences. On Thursday we went to the wedding of Manuel and Edith (Arevalo) they got married and had there interview of Manuel, Edith, Monserrat and Natali. I was chosen to baptize Natali and the wife in the second couple (Mamerto and Berta) Manuel planned it out so the girls and his wife were baptized first. My companion and I and the girls were waiting at the top of the stairs to enter in the font. It was really special to see the whole family in white (just like at the temple). They also have the goal to go to the temple. We had the President of the Branch baptize Manuel and Edith.

When they bore there testimonies it was soooo strong. I know that they will be great members in the church and will have a lot of success.

Manuel was saying that Edith got a job where she doesn’t have to work Sundays and earns twice as much money as she did before; also Manuel got a job where he makes a lot more. The Lord blesses families when they do what is right.

He hears our prayers

Life in the Jungle...

This week was really cool.

We have 6 baptisms for this Saturday. It is interesting how the gospel of Jesus Christ changes lives and how God works in mysterious ways.

We are baptizing our first family in this change. I have never had the opportunity to baptize a family in my mission so far. The family AREVALO is their name. To start out the story: Elder Perez and I had contacted one of the motor drivers. He said that with the hours of work that it would be almost impossible for us to talk to him but that we could talk to the family; Edith, Natali, and Monserrat. The first times that we had visited them we could only talk to the girls and their mom. Their dad (Manuel) had work. Natalie told us that she was baptized catholic about a month ago and was comfortable there. Her mom said that she new that the Book of Mormon was true, and her other daughter Monserrat was also interested. They aren’t married but just living together. In South America this is NORMAL, but we talked to them about marriage. They were kind of interested, but don’t have the money.

To make the story short, we figured out that they have known the Branch President for a lot of years. They talked to him and are getting married this Friday. Their baptism is Saturday!! But here we go with Natalie, so she was recently baptized in the Catholic Church because it is a requirement for school. President Vidal (Branch President) had an interview with their whole family. She left the interview crying, we then we figured out that it was her birthday last Friday. My companion and I and some of the ward members went over to celebrate. We gained her confidence and after four nights of YW activities she is now ready to get baptized and is excited.

The other family is Marmerto and Berta. They are about 60 years old. They went to church one week and we sacked a baptismal date. After a little time, they moved and didn’t tell us the address. They came to church the next week and we got an "address" after about 6 hours of looking for their house, they ended up seeing us and found us.

I know that the Lord prepares families and people. I know that if we have faith and work hard, that the Lord ALWAYS answers our prayers. Sometimes we need a LOT of patience but the Lord is always here for every one of us. It does not matter where you are at in your life...GOD ANSWERS PRAYERS.

February 23 post

Vida en la Selva.

Life is great here in the jungle of Iquitos Peru. Life always continues to move at a fast pace. This change has been really great; I can tell that I will never forget this one. My companion is amazing. He has taught me so much already, the Spanish is going great, and the members are giving us references of people that they have talked to.

We had 14 investigators in the chapel on Sunday. We also have 3 baptismal dates and are planning on getting a lot more. We are trying our hardest to be way obedient in everything so that we can continue to have the success that we have been having. I want to be like my companion when I have been out as long as he has.

This last week we went to Quistococha, a zoo in Iquitos. It was really cool...I got to hold a was really different because is really slow but really strong. I also got some cool pictures of parrots in my arm and a couple of other cool things.

I am so glad that I made the small decision to go on the mission. It has been the biggest blessing in my life and I know that the Lord called me to this wonderful place to teach these sons and daughters of God here.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Changes Coming

Mom life is great here in the jungle. Changes are here in two days. My companion Elder Perez is going to Mayobamba and I am staying here. My companion is ELDER MCGARY from Bolivia. He is one of the gringos that got kicked out. I know him a little bit and well I think will have a lot of success. I really had a good change with Elder Perez. Nothing really exciting happened this week. We contacted some really great people and sacked another date for the 21 with one of the friends of the members. Life continues at a fast pace and I am excited for the change.

I will get the package in about two days. A package in the jungle only arrives once every change.

I really want to teach some piano here, so if you can send one of my TECHNIQUE books that has the note values and I could use to teach a little about music.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Machetes and bats

We only have a half of an hour due to disobedient other elders but here it goes.

Life is going great. We had two baptisms today of Gudelia and her daughter Carla. It was really special. I had a first time with this; right before I was ready to do the ordinance the lights completely shut off. So we were both in the font and waiting for a couple minutes. After that we waited for someone to have a light, we ended up having a candle-lit baptism. I really love this work it is constantly new and exciting.

I also had some other interesting experiences, including chopping down a tree with a machete and having about 200 bats flying around trying to attack me. I scared me but it was an interesting experience.

I also took some pictures with two LIVE baby boas.

I know that this is the work of the Lord and that there is not any other work more rewarding. The exotic stuff is fun but the spiritual is the most amazing thing in my life. I know that the church is true and that it’s the only true church on this earth. I love my Heavenly Father and feel His hand in the work everyday.

Love you all and hope the best,
-Elder Griffin

Monday, February 2, 2009

Sudi? Do you really eat it?

Mission life in the jungles of Peru: I forgot to tell you that the airport of Iquitos is in my area our house is about less than a minute away from it. You can Google map it if you want. Our house is a red house right next to a gas station-Santo Thomas...about 4 or 5 more streets down the main road.

This week was great. I can now say I have eaten SUDI (a giant wax worm) and it was alive when I ate it. I also ate Alligator and a variety of other weird foods this week. Everything was really good though.

The works is also going great. We had 10 investigators in the chapel and also have two baptisms set for this Saturday. The baptisms are for a mother and daughter (Hudelia and Carla). I am very excited for them, and I know that they will get baptized. Also along with them we are going to get some more dates this week of some of the other 10 that went to church with us.

It rained and rained and rained like cats and dogs. I also took pictures with a boa that was about 10 minutes away from being skinned, but it looks pretty cool in the pictures. I also bought a really cool Machete for about 40 dollars. It’s not just a machete I had some people make a case with some animals made of a clay type substance and some leopard skin for the case. It really is cool looking.

Gracias mil para todas las cosas.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The Field is White


This week was really great! Elder Perez is mocking my letter because he thinks he is so much cooler than I am, but really he isn’t. We made 2 baptismal dates for the 31 and really have some great investigators. I chased down a huge lizard almost the size of an alligator that crossed our path. I also had a pet iguana for 2 days under my bed. That was my dream for a while. But it was a pretty decent and very healthy (because it’s in the jungle) but it was sweet; but then the Elder Griffin came out and said, “you can’t have that in your room because it is a mission rule”. So that really didn’t last very long. I really have seen a little bit of changes in myself that I am glad about.

One of our investigators that we have a date for, we got the reference from a recent convert that my compi baptized. She was excited to hear us and we ended up getting a date with her too. I love this! So we went to invite her to church Saturday and she mentioned that, “I have decided I am getting baptized the 31 it is my decision.” The Lord continues to help us out in the work and really I love the scripture in D&C 4 that says that the field is white already to harvest because the Lord really does prepare so many people for us as missionaries and the only things that we have to do is try to always have the spirit, keep all of the rules, and talk to everybody.

The weather is pretty crazy, really hot, nice, and bam it rains lizards and jaguars (you know jungle version of cats and dogs). I really love this weather I was thinking that it would be sweet to have a vacation house here.

Love you and hope the best for all.
~Elder Griffin~

Friday, January 16, 2009

Did you say an accident waiting to happen?

Life in the and friends.

This week was well interesting; I have been peed on by a naked baby in his dads arms. I also cut weeds with a Machete, got bit by a dog in the face, interesting I have been wearing my ARMY BOOTS in the rain.

The people here are different. I have figured out that they sing their words more, and are a lot calmer. Even the drunks are calmer. The weather has been pretty hot or really rainy. We walk in the rain like it is nothing. I can walk in ANYTHING with my boots.

My Companion is ELDER PEREZ of Dallas, Texas his parents are both Mexican, so he speaks Spanish, really good Spanish, but also speaks English really well. I am very glad to be able to buy some cool stuff. He has really cool wooden mask.

These are some pictures, maybe also some videos of the flight if it has room. Mom, when I got bit by the dog it wasn’t really bad. I blew in its face like I do with our dog, Kyli, but this dog is a golden retriever and just bit my eyebrow and my lip a little bit. I didn’t really get hurt and I learned my lesson about doing dumb stuff like that. My companion says HI and that he is sad that he never got the opportunity to earn an eagle scout and be as high up on the list of great people as I am. JK no but he is really cool. I would send pictures but this computer is retarded. I also cut myself shaving today. My once a week shave; but time is out and I love you a lot.
~Elder Griffin~

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

The Jungle at Last

Hi Everybody! I got some interesting news, my next 6 weeks is in Iquitos Peru (JUNGLE). My companion is a Gringo\Mexicano de EE.UU- United States. His name is Elder Perez, the same as the president of the mission. Everything that I have heard about him has been good. It is crazy to think that I will be in Iquitos during the hottest part of the season and just in time for Carnival. This is the time when they throw dirty water on the missionaries. I am very excited for this change, I leave tomorrow. This last change has been great. I really learned a lot about how to be a better missionary and always follow the rules. I also think that my Spanish has improved a little bit. I sent a package off today. The cost of the travel was 200 soles almost 70 bucks. I know it is kind of an ouch. The funny part is that you’ve got to fill out about as much paper work as you would to cross every border in the world (really it was a lot). I told my companion for 200 soles and the paperwork I better get my package sent in another box but made out of metal with a lock on it. That isn’t how they work though. Here is the number for you guys. CP001779070PE....the company is SERPOST (EL CORREO DEL PERU)....if you have any other questions ask me.

Yes I will still get to Email but I have heard it is a little bit slower.

I love you so much and miss you guys a little. Say hi to everybody and tell the fam Rasmussen HI. I love you guys, THANKS SO MUCH for everything.

Yeah, I am excited to see the exotic animals and jungle. I know that this will be a great experience and I am kind of excited for it.

I fly out on Tuesday. Thanks a lot I love you,
~Elder Griffin~

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas in Peru

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! It was a joy talking to ya’ll on Christmas. Christmas for us was well interesting. We ate with our cook and her family. We also had some fun watching the fireworks. It is so different here, they don’t have restrictions, so everybody is shooting off huge fireworks from every direction. Wwe were up on the roof so it was really cool to watch the show. This week has been one very interesting week. We had three baptisms of Julio Navarro and his daughter Maria Elisa, and also Nohelia. Julio had really had the determination the whole time and when it came down to the decision to have the baptism Friday he was very excited. He and his daughter showed up a little late, followed by his wife, who will probably get baptized a little later. The thing that made me mad was he almost cried because his rebellious son didn’t go to the baptism because he was playing soccer with his friends. Kids sometimes make dumb decisions. Julio said that he knew the church was true and that all the things in his life led him up to this point. I was very glad that half of the fam is done with the step of being baptized in their life. Nohelia had some really strong pressures at home. Nobody in her family are members and really kind of tried to discourage her. She also was determined at the start to get baptized, so what happened, she got baptized. I love baptisms they are such a sweet experience for us to be a part of as missionaries. Changes are coming up really soon and I don’t really know where I am going, or better yet if I am leaving the mission (comas1) Peru Lima North. We had the opportunity to go to the temple today. That was really an interesting experience. The last time that we were at the temple my recommend fell out of my pocket in one of the lockers. I talked to the leader of the zone and he said, “I don’t think that it will be a big deal because we have changes soon and you can just talk to the President and get a new one through an interview.” Well the bad news is this last change we didn’t have interviews, so I went to the temple and didn’t have my recommend. The President of the Mission had to talk to the President of the Temple to give me permission to go through this one time. It was SCARY. I have never had that feeling while watching all the others go through but not having my recommend.I was glad that everything worked out and I was able to go through. I love this work and really have had a great time.

Yesterday we had a farewell of some of the missionaries...and today we have p-day. I am sorry it isn’t the normal time. I was thinking if I go to the jungle it will be hard to coordinate with packages. But still send it cause I will get it in time.

I love you all and hope that everything is great. I LOVE YOU!
~Elder Taylor Griffin~