Monday, September 28, 2009

Exciting news for a convert, Temple Marrage

I finally received the package. YES! I love the things that you sent, the piano books are good but I still need the one that is more advanced, it is the book that I had that contains all of the arpeggios, scales, and everything else. Thanks for all of the music on the Ipod, for the hot cheetos, for the hot tamales and the sun flower seeds. I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH.

This week was a good week. We have been working hard and trying to do the will of the Lord in our area. I know that there are hard times and there are times of joy and receiving. I am trying to be patient with my companion and help him open up a little bit more, and I hope that little by little he comes out of his shell.

I know that this work is the Lords work and that we always need to be obedient and do the things that he wants and then after we have been tested we will receive our reward.

I was just talking to Elder Hyde, I need to take out some money to resole them and also to buy speakers for my Ipod.

I haven’t seen any of my converts yet because I am in the other district. I hope that I will get the chance. My first convert (Artemio Alfaro Diaz) has a goal to get married in the temple. I am excited for that when it happens.


~Elder Griffin~

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