Monday, September 7, 2009

Taking burning correction to improve

Family, friends, and anyone else.

This week was good. We had the interviews Wednesday, Thursday I had three interviews, and Friday I had a work visit. In other words it was a busy week.

The interviews were amazing. The assistants are ELDER SANTIAGO y ELDER RICH. They had some teachings and I really got to learn a lot. It was so funny. Presidente Perez BURNED two of the Zone leaders of Huacho HARD, because they had an activity of proselyting in their baptismal clothes. I don’t know where they got that Idea or if they received permission. President said that they needed to take it up with GOD in the night in a prayer to receive a forgiveness of the sin. Everybody felt the burn even though we had nothing to do with it. I learned that if the spirit says in the moment, that it is alright to burn in front of everybody so that they can also learn.

The interview was really good, I learned in what I can do better as a leader and as a representative of Christ.

I really am learning patience in this District...there are ALWAYS things that Elders need to do better, and I am in charge of helping them and correcting them when there is something wrong.

I really love this mission and this opportunity that I have to serve in Peru. The people are great and I love PARAMONGA. I know that God answers prayers. I about screamed in the morning, I lost my credit card of the mission. I rummaged through EVERYTHING trying to find it and I mean EVERYTHING. EVERYWHERE. After a couple minutes I prayed to find it and like the times when I was younger, I found it in my suit jacket, like two minutes after I prayed. I felt so good after.

We have two baptismal dates for September.

I love you all (family). I am so glad for your example and for your loving words. There are weeks that are hard, and it helps SO much to have the supporting and loving heartfelt words that you give, it gives me animos (I don’t remember that word in English), (I looked it up and it means encouragement) but it helps a lot. I know other missionaries that are from broken homes that NO ONE writes. I can’t imagine how hard it must be for them.

I love you guys. I know that the Lord is blessing you for my service and your obedience of the commandments.


-Elder Griffin

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