Monday, September 14, 2009

Back to where I started.

¿Que tal? How are you guys?

Life is great.
I got the information of the change. I am going back to Lima. I will be in the same district that I started in. I could maybe be in the same house. This time however it will be as a District leader. I am very excited for the change. I hope that everything goes great. I am very excited to see some of the people and new converts that I met when I was a newbie.

We had the baptism of Dionicia Pagador this week. It was very good to see some of our fruits. We work hard and get lots of commitments but many of them fall through for various reasons. Marriage is not common here but living together is. That can be a huge road block for many people.

My companion is staying here in Paramonga. That will be good to have him look after many of the investigators that I will have to leave behind.

MY NEW COMPANION IS ELDER LOPEZ. I don’t know if I have met him yet or not. I will be in Tahuantinsuyo again. One of my classmates from Bingham High is also in this area. I am excited to know someone from my high school. His name is Elder Atkinson.

My favorite part of the mission I think is the lessons. I really have learned a lot about how I can teach the message in a clear, easy to understand way. I love that I can now look at someone and if I try hard, I can see there potential and who they really are. I know how much our Heavenly Father loves each of us and I try to see the people as He does. It really helps to know how to teach them and to love them when I take that approach. I also really like the Capacitations or teachings, I think that is the translation.


~Elder Griffin


Ashley Lambert said...

HEY TAYLOR! It's Ashley, and I don't know if this is how I write you because the options are all in Korean which happens all the time. How are you? We are all doing well. Last year in Korea was kind of rough for all of us, but this year is already better. This is a lame excuse for not writing though. I thought of you this Sunday because I gave a talk on Going forward with faith and I tied it in with preparing to serve a mission. I can't wait to go on a mission. I know you are serving others but your are also learning so much yourself. Also thanks for the e-mail. And to answer your question what ever you want we can send. Korea is very famous for their fake brands and mink blankets. Just write us with your request because there are so many cool things here. We all love you! And one quick question is South America simply amazing?

Jenny said...

Love the updates Taylor! (Thanks Lorie!) Cannot believe you have been out over a year crazy! Keep up the good work. We miss you and pray for your success. The Gunnells