Monday, September 7, 2009

Time is going fast, 14 months gone by

Mission Life...

This week was a week full of interesting events. We had a Missionary Night that we had planned to be really cool. Unfortunately, NO ONE showed up. Finally at the last minute right when we were ready to close it, a man in the street said,"I was walking by the church and saw that the lights were on and I felt like I should walk in" so we had the activity with only one investigator, and 0 members that were not leaders. It was a success because we had the one investigator. We also had a baptism of Dula Meihuei. She is disabled and in a wheel chair, and had the need of hot water. The baptism was well VERY INTERESTING, I won’t explain the details of it but the good news is after all she was BAPTISED! WOO HOO!!!! I also had a work visit with ELDER CHAMBI. He is in my group of the CCM so that was interesting. I also had an interview with an investigator of Limoncillo. It also went well.
The interviews are this Wednesday. I am very excited for that, and well LIFE CONTINUES TO MOVE AT A FAST PACE, 14 MONTHS!!! tomorrow.

I Love you guys a lot and hope that EVERYTHING is going great

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