Monday, August 24, 2009

Worn out shoes (lots of tracting)

Hey mom and dad and everybody else...

This week was a full week. I had a work visit in my old area. It went surprisingly well. The last week they had way too many lessons and contacts. This week it was a little more realistic of numbers. We had 5 baptismal dates as of Saturday, Sunday only one came to church and kept her baptismal date.
Manuel drank again, we are going to give him some time to think through things.
Dante; it’s complicated, he just isn’t ready to make the decision to be baptized.
The other two did not come to church

Dula Meihuai will be baptized this Saturday. We are going to baptize her in warm water because she suffers from some health problems. She is in a wheel chair, paralyzed, but she is very smart and really wants to get baptized. I am very excited. We will baptize her in her chair. This is the second that we have had in a chair.

The lessons that we are having are going good and also the contacts. The people are just a LITTLE bit hard hearted. I know that the Lord can open their hearts and that we will have success, if we continue working hard.

I love you mom and hope that everything is going great.

(This is left in for any future missionaries. We got the Eccos at Mr. Mac and they do have a guarantee. The boots we got from Liahona and they also have a guarantee but have lasted very well).
I HAVE A QUESTION, ¿WHAT KIND OF A GUARANTEE DO MY ECCOS HAVE? I WILL BE HONEST, THEY HAVE A HUGE HOLE IN THE HEEL AND ARE FALLING APART. The bright side is, is that I wear my boots everyday. They are very durable I think I can use them for like 5 yrs, after the mission. I just wanted to know in what we can do with them. I CAN GET A NEW SOLE PUT ON FOR ABOUT 15 SOLES, or about 6 dollars.


(This is in response to the trials of mission life. Many times they have investigators fall to temptations and then miss their baptismal dates).
It’s all good. It is a little hard sometimes, but Christ never said that it would be easy to bring others unto him. I have heard to be part of the work of saving peoples lives we need to walk a little bit in the garden of Gethsemane. I have definitely felt that a little in the mission. BUT if everything is all great and perfect we wouldn’t be able to progress, and I know that as a leader and a missionary I need to become better and if that is the only way then I accept it, cool.

I LOVE YOU and my companion says hi.

I can go anywhere in the district if it IS NECESSARY. We have a medium sized district if you look on GOOGLE EARTH it is SUPE, BARRANCA, and PARAMONGA.

I HAVE GOT TO GO, and check up that everybody is only writing their family and not going on any other sites.

I LOVE YOU TONS AND AM VERY Grateful for the support that you are always giving.


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