Monday, August 17, 2009

Humility brings about change

Hey Family,

This week was really interesting and busy. I had a work visit in Supe and also my first interview. It went well she got baptized Saturday. The District is doing well, there are always things that could be better but it is all good.

Our area is good. We are having success but it is sometimes a little slow, we have 2 baptismal dates. One drank and we need to help him out. I am glad because we are finding some new people and are working hard.

Today we are going to play some futb├│l....QUE CHEVERE.

It all depends in the way you look at it, ELDER NEMELKA (ex assistant) that lives like two minutes away from your house said and I quote, "The people of Barranca have the hardness like the people of LIMA and have the sins/iniquity of the people of IQUITOS." I thought that you would like that. The people are great. They do definitely have their taste of fiestas depending on the person. I would guess about 60 percent of the men drink EVERY SATURDAY and are having their, I don’t know what you call it, Hangovers Sunday. Sometimes they are still drinking, then they wonder why they don’t have money, and say that they don’t have time to listen to us because they have to work to feed there families. All I can say is that the people that are living the gospel are blessed in everything. The Lord blesses the members here just like those in the UNITED STATES. They have enough to live and to be happy. There are so many great-hearted members. I am so glad that I able to serve here and I can really say that I love the people here in Barranca.

A LITTLE ABOUT PARAMONGA. PARAMONGA is a city of cane. There is a huge sugar cane factory here and everybody works there. The original factory was built about 30 yrs ago by a North American. The guy built a part of the town for the workers and gave them a lot of benefits of everything, school, hospital, and everything. I was informed that years ago that the president got mad and kicked him out of Paramonga. All the citizens are mad and blame anything that goes wrong or that went wrong on the president that kicked out the gringo. I think that it is very funny.



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