Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sugar Cane in the air

I am really good but always a little more busy. I was just finishing a few papers that I’ve got to have.

This week was really good. I entered in the area and not A lot was done before me...the two past missionaries were finishing up and a little bit Trunky. {: ) We entered in the area and began our work. I feel that we worked really hard and got a lot done.

I immediately got the responsibilities. The zl’s gave me their cell phone because they had to go to Lima to receive the missionaries that are now in Barranca. They needed to call me to tell me when we had to pick them up. THAT WAS EXCITING. Also I got to call and see how things are going in the areas. Or even better, I got to receive their information. That was also interesting. As a District leader here it is a little different. There is only one District. That means that I’ve got responsibility over a larger group (I think).

I am very excited for this opportunity to be the District Leader here. I have a good district I THINK, and I am excited to see how things go this next week.


Paramonga is about 30 minutes from Barranca. In our area we have a SUGAR CANE factor. It is always piping off its sweet smelling contamination in the air. A lot of the people that live here are working in this plant, and the hours of work are horrible. They work very long shifts.


Elder Santillan is from Ecuador. He has a different accent than Bolivians and Peruvians It’s sometimes harder to understand, but it’s all good. This change will be his 3rd change. So he hasn’t been out very long. He teaches well, helps me out a lot, contacts good and has a good personality. We get along good.

The investigators are good. I am trying to find out who is Prepared for right now and who is Prepared for a little bit further in time. My responsibilities are every Tuesday I get to run the District meeting. I get to give capacitacions (teachings). I organize activities as a Zone, and I get to Interview the investigators that are ready for baptism...Exciting..!!!

The Lord is blessing us so much, and I hope to hear that you guys are also receiving the Lord’s blessings as well. I love you so much.

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