Friday, January 16, 2009

Did you say an accident waiting to happen?

Life in the and friends.

This week was well interesting; I have been peed on by a naked baby in his dads arms. I also cut weeds with a Machete, got bit by a dog in the face, interesting I have been wearing my ARMY BOOTS in the rain.

The people here are different. I have figured out that they sing their words more, and are a lot calmer. Even the drunks are calmer. The weather has been pretty hot or really rainy. We walk in the rain like it is nothing. I can walk in ANYTHING with my boots.

My Companion is ELDER PEREZ of Dallas, Texas his parents are both Mexican, so he speaks Spanish, really good Spanish, but also speaks English really well. I am very glad to be able to buy some cool stuff. He has really cool wooden mask.

These are some pictures, maybe also some videos of the flight if it has room. Mom, when I got bit by the dog it wasn’t really bad. I blew in its face like I do with our dog, Kyli, but this dog is a golden retriever and just bit my eyebrow and my lip a little bit. I didn’t really get hurt and I learned my lesson about doing dumb stuff like that. My companion says HI and that he is sad that he never got the opportunity to earn an eagle scout and be as high up on the list of great people as I am. JK no but he is really cool. I would send pictures but this computer is retarded. I also cut myself shaving today. My once a week shave; but time is out and I love you a lot.
~Elder Griffin~

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GDR said...

Tell him to watch out - Elder Hyde fell in SOMETHING (check out his blog) and I don't think the boots helped one bit (haha)