Monday, November 2, 2009

Another reason why we have the Word of Wisdom

Life in the mission,

This week was really interesting. I apologized to Artemio and his wife that I was not going to be able to attend his wedding. I was able to talk to him on Tuesday, face to face. We had a good talk and it really made me feel better.

Then, I traveled to the Beautiful city of Iquitos (1 and a half hours from Lima).

I was still confused whether I was going to be training or not. So, I now know that I am training. MY companion is Elder Venegas. He is from Piura, Peru. He really doesn’t know a lot. He is new in the gospel. I am giving him milk, and after a long time I will be able to give him meat.

I am the first person to train in the jungle in over 10 yrs. I don’t know if that is a good thing or a bad thing but I am excited.

This is an interesting story...

We live with another companionship in our apartment, and it is really cool. We also live next to a family that the parents are both in the armed forces, they aren’t members.

Saturday Night my companion was showering and we heard the wife screaming, “Save me, Save me. HELP ME, SOMEBODY HELP ME.” We also heard crashing in the room. I heard what was happening and knew that something was wrong. I ran to the room of the other Elders and told them what was going on. I said that the husband was beating his wife. All of the neighbors heard the fight and were all in the road yelling and called the cops. I was with the other elder that has about the same time as me in the mission and we went to knock on the door to possibly help them out. They didn’t want to open it up. After about 5 minutes the Police showed up and after knocking on the door a long time the wife opened the door, but didn’t want to talk to the cops. I wasn’t yet changed into my pajamas and walked in to talk to her. I told her that we are missionaries of the Church of Jesus Christ and that we could help her. I asked her if we could talk, she said yes and invited us in. After talking to her we figured out that he was drinking large amounts of alcohol and got angry with her and well they fought it out a little. We calmed her down and helped her find a little bit of peace and comfort and we also gave her a blessing of comfort.

On Sunday we talked to him (her husband) after the side effects were worn off. We talked about the word of wisdom and the consequences of sin. And to skip to the end, they had a family prayer that he offered on his knees. They went to church Sunday. So we get to see again that the gospel changes lives. We are going to continue helping them.

I really received a stronger testimony after that one.
I am training a BRAND NEW ELDER from the MTC in Peru. I also am District Leader, double work.

I LOVE YOU. Have you sent the scales and stuff book? MY ward has a really decent keyboard and I actually might teach Piano.

I LOVE YOU, and am grateful for everything.

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Jenny said...

Hi Tay! I love reading about your experiences....! Thanks for sharing. You are awesome and we pray for your success. While trick or treating with the kids the other night I told your mom at your doorstep that it just wasn't the same going to your house and not seeing you and Ryan sitting on the porch trying to scare the kiddos! We miss you, but know you are exaclty where you should be at this time! Keep the faith! Love ya! Jenny Gunnell