Monday, March 23, 2009

Birthdays and a girl named Ahororra

Thanks for the Feliz Cumpleanos, life is great.

This week was amazing. We had the baptism of Marilda Mozombite. She had an interesting experience. I know that the missionaries before me had taught her and had tried to get a baptismal date. I also tried to get one with Perez but she had doubts, and didn’t really want to. Finally she decided that she wanted to get baptized and well long story short she is now a member of the church. She is one of the last in her family that is a member.

I also had my birthday yesterday. I went over to Marildas house to eat and to have a little bit of a party. Well I invited a great friend of the opposite sex that lives in Lima her name is Ahororra. She is a parrot that talks and laughs. I wanted to have her at the party because this bird is the funniest thing that I know. I also got 2 eggs smashed on my head with flour thrown also all over my clothes. I received two cakes, one from them, and one from my pentionista. Yesterday was a really special day for me. I really was excited. Also, one of my recent converts gave me a little thing that she drew.

I got my change information. I am going to Iquitos Peru- Secada which is the same place as before. My companion is Elder Barba, he was already in my District and I can tell it will be fun...and that we will have more success.

We (Elder McGary and I) ended up with 8 baptisms. I really learned a lot with him. He is a great missionary and really will have a lot of success in Lima.

I was glad to hear about Elder Vigil’s mom talking to you. He is my zone leader and is absolutely amazing. He has taught me so many new things and really has helped me out with the language. He speaks basically perfect Spanish and is a teaching machine.

I hope that everything is going great. I love you all.
~Elder Griffin~

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Don Layton said...

I just got your comment on Elder Layton's blog. Yeah, we had seen that Elder Griffin was serving in Iquitos. I have heard that it is kind of like Pucallpa (where Elder Layton has been serving), but a bit more civilized and much larger. I also know there are at least two zones there. I don't know whether or not our sons will end up in the same zone. Elder Hyde is also going to Iquitos and will be in a different zone than Elder Layton.

He's going to have a very hard time leaving Pucallpa, but if there were any place he could go to ease his pain it would be Iquitos. We're grateful for that.