Monday, March 16, 2009

The work rolls forth

Life here in Iquitos is wonderful as always. The weather is always pretty much the same. It is very tropical and very humid.

We had another baptism this last Saturday of a kid named Oscar Daniel del Busto Vargas. His grandpa is the mission leader of this ward and his parents were both inactive. He is a really powerful kid and wanted to get baptized. Now his parents are active and happier.

Manuel (Arevalo) and his family are doing great. He reads principles of the gospel when he has free time and really has been powerful. He read about the importance of Fasting and had his first fast this last Sunday. He also is sharing the gospel and inviting other people to church. His daughters (Nathaly and Monserrat) are both in seminary and they (there family) are assisting all of the activities that the church has.

I really feel like we have had a successful change so far and know that we will continue to have more!

I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ BLESSES FAMILIES. Not only has it blessed mine personally but that of others. I love this opportunity to serve and the experiences that I will never forget.

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