Monday, March 9, 2009

Blessings come when following the commandments

Life is great we had the opportunity to baptize two families; the family Arevalo Torrez and the family Huaimacari Awanari.

We had some very amazing experiences. On Thursday we went to the wedding of Manuel and Edith (Arevalo) they got married and had there interview of Manuel, Edith, Monserrat and Natali. I was chosen to baptize Natali and the wife in the second couple (Mamerto and Berta) Manuel planned it out so the girls and his wife were baptized first. My companion and I and the girls were waiting at the top of the stairs to enter in the font. It was really special to see the whole family in white (just like at the temple). They also have the goal to go to the temple. We had the President of the Branch baptize Manuel and Edith.

When they bore there testimonies it was soooo strong. I know that they will be great members in the church and will have a lot of success.

Manuel was saying that Edith got a job where she doesn’t have to work Sundays and earns twice as much money as she did before; also Manuel got a job where he makes a lot more. The Lord blesses families when they do what is right.

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