Monday, March 30, 2009

Packages and many investigators

Life is great here my new comp is good but a little different than with Elder McGary. So far we have had one baptism. We will definitely be having more.

Nancy Pacheco Pizango was baptized this last Saturday. I had the opportunity of baptizing her. It was really a special opportunity. She really didn’t want to get baptized because she cut her finger the same day and thought that it was bad juju. She thought that it was a sign that she shouldn’t get baptized. We explained to her that it wasn’t bad luck or anything that it just happened.

Also we have 5 fechas right now. Llerilith and Quelli two of the daughters of Mamerto and Bertha (recent converts) and we also got a really good reference from a member that said that her husband isn’t a member. We went over there and talked to him. Also, the other 3 girls that live next door are listening to the discussions. Long story short we now have another family of gold because they are married and we only fault the husband also, we talked to the three girls. One of them is living with her boyfriend, we are working on marrying them and baptizing the two (Luisa and Peter), and the other two (Mishel and Ema) are getting baptized this 18 of April.

I know that the Lord is always preparing people for us and we keep accepting them with smiles on our faces. I am trying to learn a lot of things before I hit the ¨hump¨.

I did get my package and three others. YOU GUYS ROCK! Thank you so much. I could barely carry this mountain of letters and packages. Tell everybody THANK YOU SO MUCH.

My health is great and everything I really haven’t been sick and I am trying to lose this little testimony of mine (my belly\testimony of the food) jk.

It is cool to be with Elders, Ridge, Hyde, Layton, Fidler, a whole lot of them here in Iquitos. I spent time with them in the Provo MTC. They are great friends and incredible missionaries.

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