Sunday, May 31, 2009

Colder Weather

We had the baptism of Antonio Capcha. He is a really great investigator and will really have a lot of success in his life. Also, his brother José Luis is cool. He has all the lessons and has assisted about 4 times but has a little bit of fear of falling in the same temptations that he had before. We fasted this Sunday with him to help him to feel ready for this 30 of May. He told us that so far he isn’t ready but feels like it is close that he will get baptized. He said that out of 100 percent he is at about 85.

In the Missionary Correlation all of the leaders of every organization were there, which means that they are ready to help us out. I was very excited to tell them how we can have success and how they can help us out.

We have 3 baptismal dates.
Riquelmer (17 years old)
Tomás (10 years old)
José Navarro (30 years old)

We are working really hard so that we can have success and have fun doing the work of the Lord. One of the only problems that we are having is that our plans always are falling through. There are a lot of people that say, “Ya come by my house at this time” and then they are never there, but everything is going good.

It is kind of cold here. It gets cold enough that we can see our breath in the mornings.

I am staying just fine and healthy. The weather is a big difference, Iquitos was hot. The change is alright however.

Today we are going to a huge Christ statue that is here. Here are some more pictures. The baptisms of Mishelle and one photo of the family Arevalo Torrez.
Love you a lot.....CHAU.......LOVE YOU

~Elder Griffin~


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Hello Griffin family...just stopping by as I occasionally do to see how Elder Griffin is doing. One very small correction...on your sidebar, it mentions Elder Layton is from Washington. Actually he's from Bend, Oregon. Thought you might want to know. Saludos a Elder Griffin y que Dios le bendiga muchisimo en la obra de la verdad.