Monday, May 11, 2009

Back to Lima

We got our information and I am headed back to Lima (Barranca) my comañero se llama Elder Davilla. My leader of the zone is ELDER MCGARY. Guess what, I AM COMPAÑERO MAYOR.

This week was great...
we ended the week with 5 baptisms.
David (25) familia de oro
Aida (35) familia de oro
Jureli (14) su hija
Miguelito (17)

We ended this change with 11 baptisms and my baptisms here in the jungle are 21.

I love the jungle of Iquitos Peru and really I will miss it. I am very excited/nervous for this change and know that the Lord will help me. I am so grateful for everyday of the mission.

I am having so many emotions going through me. I have to leave 21 converts/friends here. This will be difficult. I have really grown to love these people and I will miss them. I am excited to be companion mayor and really am a little nervous because the responsibility just jumped really high.

I love you guys a ton and am really way excited to hear your voices. Cuidense mucho, te amo.
~Elder Griffin~

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