Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day Call

We receive our mother's day call at around 8:00 p.m. on Sunday night. The two highlights of the year for missionary families is Christmas and Mother's Day. It was wonderful to hear Elder Griffin's voice and the accent along with it. His sentences all end with the inflection in his voice going up, which is common for a Spanish accent. He spoke a lot of Spanish to us with us understanding very little. He had a hard time finding the English word several times which means that he is thinking in Spanish (that is a good thing). His Spanish was clear and fast, and we are slow and don't understand much.

Elder Griffin was blessed by our Stake President that he would not be hindered by health problems and so far that blessing has held true. He has had a little sickness here and there but nothing to stop the work. He loved Iquitos and is looking forward to helping the work in Barranca. In this transfer they came in with no pending baptisms and a lot of work to get the needed 9 baptisms for their goal. He talked about the differences in culture and how it is sometimes hard because the tradition is that people just live together instead of getting married. Some of them don't accept the gospel because they don't want to get married and the missionaries can not progress the people when they want to live in sin. He voiced his frustration with how Satan has a hold on some of the people. He shared his testimony of the restored gospel and how it is the gospel of happiness and how he loves the work and how it changes lives for the better.

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