Monday, July 13, 2009

A God of Miracles

Family and Friends....

The mission is great.

We had a good week this baptisms but lots of spiritual experiences.
The goal in the mission is 100 families for the month of July.
We have a few that I think will get baptized. We are working really hard with the Mogollon Family.
Benito- still hasn’t gone to church but I believe that if we have someone who will be his friend he will accept baptism with his family.
Luz-she has a date for the 11 they both went to church yesterday.
Erick- he has a date for the 11

We had 7 baptismal dates Saturday and only 4 of them continued on to Sunday, but we are working really hard so that we can have the success.
We found a married family last night and taught them lesson 1. They are really an amazing family! The wife told us ¨what luck you guys have, we had just arrived. Then you guys knocked our door. I think you were sent here to help our spiritual side of things. I don’t know if that was a correct translation but something like that.
It was one of the first times that in a first visit the people recognized the importance of the spirit, and the way the Lord works.

That experience left a great impression in our hearts. I know that we will teach them again and they will be an eternal family, if they decide to do it. I am grateful for the guidance of the spirit in the places that we need to be.

Right now.....about Barranca.

The weather is a little cold. We walk with sweaters almost everyday. I am having a really good change with Elder Villalpando. I am always trying to show more patience and love with the companions. I am also trying to teach him how to teach, contact, organize the folder of our work and everything.
The Lord is blessing us for our efforts, and really is a God of Miracles. In the year that I have in the mission I can sum it up in one word, Miracles. Everyday we experience them and I am SO grateful for the opportunity to be a missionary in this part of the world.

The only thing that is bad is that we don’t have a keyboard or a piano. I (ruined) the keyboard. It is about 26 years old and when I played it and it broke. The joke is that everyone is blaming me, how funny, I told them that we just need to buy one that is younger than I am.....jk.

Today for P-day we are doing a symbolic (I think is the word.) thing. We are dressed up with all the same color of shirts. We made a flag, and are going to climb the highest point of Barranca (Cerro de la Orca). I am excited. I am dressed like a goon. I have a cool tribal shirt that Elder Acevedo borrowed me. It’s from the jungle, followed with a necklace of snake bone and crocodile tooth around my neck, and a beanie from Cusco, that I bought here in Barranca. I will definitely take some pictures.

I love you guys so much, y voy estar pronto.

~Elder Griffin~

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