Friday, July 31, 2009

Missing the Mormon Tab

This week was fantastic!

We had the most success in a week than we have ever had in Barranca. We met and taught 13 new investigators this week that is pretty good because sometimes the people are a little bit harder here.
Luz and Erick; they didn´t get baptized Saturday because Luz drank coffee two days before the interview. They are very excited now and will get baptized this Saturday. We also taught a lady named Elia, she is one of the first investigators that I have taught that said that she wants to change her life and leave behind her bad habits. She said that she would prepare for a baptism on 8/8. She didn´t go to church because she was in the Chacra. I don´t know if that translates out to be farm or what, but she will come back this week.

My companion is really getting better at teaching and everything he is doing. I am trying to be patient and a lot of times it gets hard. I really think he is great and will do great things in the mission.

We live in the neighborhood named Urbanization del Carmen, and it was the week of the Virgin Del Carmen. So we had two huge parties directly in front of our house, with A TON of VERY LOUD MUSIC, LOTS OF BEER, people peeing in the street. It is funny how people can act so strange. We haven´t gotten a lot of sleep for two days. The Catholic culture is so interesting. They walk around the neighborhood with a huge Idol of this Virgin, with like 6 people carrying it. There is also with a band behind them and like 70 people following drunk, so funny.

I love you guys and it sounded like you had an enjoyable week too. I am so glad that everything is going good. I am so excited to get the package, for a lot of reasons.
I felt very trunky. I was in the house of a return missionary that had Mormon Tab music and it was the music of CALLED TO SERVE. I remembered all of the days going and coming home with dad to work listening to that music. It hit me a little bit, but it encouraged me to work harder.

I love you guys SO MUCH and hope that everything goes GREAT this week.

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