Monday, April 20, 2009

The work rolls forth

Life is great! The success that Elder McGary and I had is continuing.

We had the baptism of Queli Huaymacari Ahuanari (24 years old). It was really special. She is the daughter of Mamerto and Bertha (two of the converts that we had).

We have 9 more baptismal dates set.
Mishel (16)
ALL OF THEM ARE GIRLS and are all getting baptised this saturday.
Then we have
David (25)
ALL OF THEM ARE GUYS and are all getting baptized the 25 of April,
and last (Jureli(15)for the 2 of May) We are also trying to get her mom in the waters the same day, we will see if that works out.

Life is great. Everyday I am having EXPERIENCIAS ESPIRITUALES. I love this work and know that this is the Lords work. The church is growing fast here in Iquitos. I haven’t felt more happy and content with the work that is happening.

That is interesting to hear that so many of your co-workers are being laid off. Just be glad that you still have a job. I hope that everything will turn out for the good. I know that if you are doing your hardest to do everything that you know is right that the Lord will bless you with work and everything else. I have so much faith that the Lord will help you guys out. You are amazing and ARE MY HERO. I LOVE YOU TONS. I love you all so much and really know that everything will be alright. Helaman 5:12 (if you have Christ as the rock you will never be let down.) Good luck and have a great week.


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