Monday, December 7, 2009

Back to Lima

Thursday Elder Pino of the 70 came to Iquitos and talked about our calling as missionaries. I love when we get the general authorities to come and teach us. They really help us to reevaluate where we are and what we can do better. I am ready to try some new things and keep putting into practice the other principles that we know work. It was really cool.

I am going back to Lima Zona (las palmeras)and I will be training AGAIN. I don’t know if the Mission President is just trying to see how patient I can be before my head explodes. jk.

I can say that I am leaving my area better than I found it. There are 3 very excited investigators that will be baptized in December. I am sad that I have to leave them, and will not be able to see them progress even further.

I am not really THAT EXCITED to go to Lima and train, but I know that there is a reason and I need to work hard and look for what I can do to help, we will see how it goes. I know that I will miss Iquitos and the people that I have learned to love here. I love the jungle and the humility of the people.

At least it will now be easier to receive packages for Christmas.
I really want snack foods(Sun flower seeds, hot cheetos, sour skittles.. teriyaki sauce and barbeque sauce. also HOT SAUCE, Beef jerky more Deodorant and that’s about it. I only have 7 months left there isn’t really any point of having a lot of stuff around. I know it sounds funny but I will just have to leave anything else you send that isn’t consumable. (we already sent a package for Christmas with these things so at least we were in line with what he wanted)

I love you and hope that everything is going good.

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