Monday, October 19, 2009

Playing the piano for an apostle

Mi querida y muy amada familia.
This week was an interesting week...

We had the interviews with President. Well to sum it all up we had a couple of changes in the district, to say the least. I am now directing the district from Antisuyo not Chinchaysuyo. The Elders that were there got changed. Elder Gonzalez and Elder Bravo, we will just say that I had a couple problems as there leader. They were doing dumb things and president took them out. I AM SO HAPPY NOW. We have 5 investigators that we are teaching that are 18 yrs and older.

I ALSO FOUND OUT that ELDER D. TODD CHRISTOFFERSON is coming to PERU, LIMA again. This time do you know who is going to play the piano for the reunion? ELDER GRIFFIN!
I am very excited to play the piano in front of a general apostle.

Artemio Alfaro Dias will take out his endowments the 27, they will be married the 28 civilly and the 29 they are going through the temple, to be married for time and all eternity. I went to the other stake for part of conference to talk to him. I didn’t break any rules because it is part of the zone, but I was able to talk to him. I was excited to see him and talk to him.

We got to watch all the conference talks in SPANISH, all but the last talk of the prophet, because the cable was having problems.

I LOVE YOU and am grateful for your support and everything that you do.

Mom, it gets cold here but not cold enough to snow. We live up in the hills of Lima and yes it does get cold, but it’s all good.

I miss making salsa. Peru is known for there Aji or Peppers, they are hot but it’s NOT LIKE THE STATES.

I love you.
Mama...TODO ES POSIBLE con Dios.
CUIDATE...Y Saluda TODO la familia.

TE AMO con todo mi corazon, alma, mente...y etc.

~Elder Griffin~

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GDR said...

He sounds great ! That is neat he will get to play the piano for an apostle, wow !

Hope all is well with your family. I'm sorry we didn't get together as missionary moms more than one time, but I hope you and your family can come to the Peru Missionary Family party in Morgan next summer. We will wait till your son gets home, along with Elder Hyde and Elder Ridge.

You are also more than welcome to come to Landon and Dallin's homecomings/luncheons. Landon's is November 8th in Morgan, and Dallin's is Oct 25th in Kaysville.

Take care,
Gwen Rich