Monday, March 15, 2010

Package from Rasmussens

mamá, papá, y familia...

This week was full of ups and downs...first the ups.
1. We had the baptism of the Yañez family. (3 people)
2. I received a package and letters from the Rasmussen fam.

the downs.
1. 4 people did not go to church and so they will not be baptized on the dates that we had set.

Well, I am really happy and am excited for this week. It was so exciting to hear from the Rasmussens and to get a package. It always makes my week or month to hear from family and friends back home. The baptism went well for the Yañez family. they will be a great asset to the church in Peru.

Of course I get frusterated when people make commitments and then it falls through. Sometimes they just dont see the whole picture and are not able to prioritize the gospel in their lives. It is truly sad because it affects every aspect of their lives.

That is exciting that Pres. Knudsen will give me permission to visit Ry.
Let me know how everybody is. I love you and am so very grateful for all that you do.
I love you chau...
~Elder Griffin~

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