Monday, December 8, 2008

More Member Referals Needed

Life is great. It is crazy to think that it is already December. It’s not cold here of course; it has actually been kind of hot.

My companion and I are having more fun and success as I have ever thought was possible. He is so great. He always has such a great attitude about how to do things.

The investigators are great. In this holiday season miracles are taking place in the hearts of people. We are making baptismal dates to people that I don’t really know how they are accepting the changes in there lives. I know that when God commands he prepares a way for the things to happen the way he wants.

Did you get a chance to watch the Christmas Devotional? We didn’t but I was just wondering if it was good.

This week has been kind of crazy, with lots of baptisms comes lots lots lots of hard work.

Try to share this amazing present with someone.

-Elder Griffin


Sarita de Fatima said...

Hey Elder Griffin!!

I have a photo of you in my house drinking inka kola...!!!

the photo is very funny..!!

Que tengas una maravillosa Mish..!!

Fatima Meza said...

Elder Griffin definitely investigador Artemio es buenazo..progreso mucho espiritualmente..!
es el Presidente de Ecuela Dominical de la Rama Libertad.....
buenas noticias.. no..??

es un excelente miembro y amigo..!!

Take Care!

Muchos exitos..!!! :-)