Monday, November 24, 2008

Changes, but no change

Life is great. This week was really good.

We had a lot of lessons and really good investigators. The drunk investigator that I think I told you about 2 months ago,
well every time that we would go to his house he wouldn’t be there. We have been trying to contact him for about a
month and a half. The other day while looking for his nephew, who has been going to church, we ran into him. He
invited us in and got talking. He said that he hasn’t had anything to drink for about a month. We thought that was great!
We have a new baptismal date and goal on the 29 along with his nephew. Also we have 4 others investigators with
dates. The Lord has really blessed us and has been very generous with preparing our investigators.

I figured out where I am going in 2 days changes. It’s the JUNGLE....CHRISTMAS IN THE JUNGLE!!! Just kidding I
am staying in the same zone and area. I am really excited for everything.

I have really learned a lot about the mission this change, and am excited to learn more.
I wish that I were going
somewhere else. Elder Rhoton is getting sent to the jungle. He really doesn’t want to. It is interesting the way the
Lord works.
I get to have a sweet Christmas with my Peruvian family BRAVO.  I will probably get to baptize the ones who
decide to have me baptize them.
I am kind of excited but I kind of wish that I could go to the jungle.  Maybe I will get to go there someday.  It is
nice to know that the people in the ward ask how I am. I wish that they would write. I am sending some letters
out. I have got to say part of the family is good. TYLER AND KIPLIN, STEVE AND PENNY, GRANDMA
GRACE, HEIDI AND DAN, and you guys have been great to write.
My companions name is Elder Colquehuanca. I am excited. I have got to go soon, so, I want you to know that
-Elder Griffin

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