Monday, November 10, 2008

Baptism of Alison Osario

¿Hola, que tal? Esta semana fue bien cheverè.

This week was a little better than the last.
We are a little slow with investigators right now but the investigators
that we have are good.
Alison had her baptism yesterday. That was really a special and interesting experience.
We had the interview Friday for the baptism on Saturday...but at the interview Hna Osorio said that her family
wouldn’t be down for another day because there were a lot of Chinese people coming to Peru. So we postponed it
another day. We got to church and her parents and all of the family were there. The bishop asked the parent to
share their testimonies of the church. That was really cool...because they are both kind of inactive. Her parents,
the Osorios, bought us food the Saturday night before and invited us to eat lunch after the baptism. The baptism
was really special,the water was really cold and I had to convince her to get in.
The whole time she was saying
¨cold,cold,cold, ¨ but we got in the water and after she was baptized I asked her how it was. She said cold but
that that part wasn’t important.
I really enjoyed the opportunity to play the piano at the baptism and later eat
at the house.

I also received a huge package that was a really awesome thing.... full of everything that I asked for and more.
I got candy, sweets, books, and scriptures.
I thank my awesome family for that package and the Osorio family for
delivering it.

We also set up two more baptism dates for the next two weeks. Their names are Julio Navaro and Rosa the vendor
down the street from us.) I don’t know why but every time that we have an appt. with Julio, the day is always
really full of stuff and we end up showing up really late. I always feel really bad about that because time is
really important for the investigators and us. This time we showed up and talked to him about the Book of Mormon.
He said that he has probably had 10 different sets of missionaries over in the past years. Rosa is another religion
and is really friendly but I don’t know if she really wants this in her life right is kind of sad because
she really is awesome...she accepted the baptism date but hasn’t gone to church yet.

Life continues to shoot by like a bullet. Me gusta el obra de nuestro señor Jesucristo. Yo siento el presencia de
su espiritu guia nos cada dia en nuestro trabajo.

I love you all and really appreciate your support for me and the love that you all show with the letters you send,
and the simple things that you have blessed me with in my life.
Thanks so much. LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!

- Elder Griffin
(communication with Elder Griffin through e-mails and questions)  I love the fact that my
(soon to be) new brother-in law
hasn’t even written me once since I have been out in the
mission...some brother....jk...patience is an attribute of Christ.
I really enjoyed that
package you sent and the movie was quite good. I was surprised that half of the songs
were the ones I composed in the movie...I edited all of them that is why they put me as
the (composer)on the cover, but I was surprised at how many were my origanals.

Changes are coming up soon and I am excited to see where I am getting sent.
Three times
in the same area would be interesting.
I think that it would be a good change to go to
the jungle. I love my area but change is always good. I have heard that the jungle is
awesome and that there are cool things to buy. It is interesting because Christmas is
coming up...We also get to go to the temple on Wednesday. I am very excited for that.
We usually go every change about in the middle of it. It’s a really cool opportunity.
If you’re in the jungle because of the distance that is one of the things you get jipped on.
One investigator that is catholic we were talking about how it isn’t necessary to baptize
a baby and he said something I never heard. He said that if the mom slept around and
committed sins that the sin would travel through the blood into the baby and so it was the
baby’s sin too. He said that if a baby is sick then they baptize it for it’s health.
My companion told him that we baptize for the remission of sins. It was definitely interesting.
We are done with our one-hour on the computer and I am slowly drowning in the fact I can’t communicate in
English for any longer. I really love you and hope that you continue to have great weeks and soon enough
I will be home. It is weird to think about right now because it seems so long but at Christmas I have 6
months in the mission exactly.... wow it is amazing that I will be a fourth of the way done with the
mission at Christmas.
Love you all lots,


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