Monday, October 27, 2008

Another Change

My first companion was Elder Apaza from Puno, Peru.  My new companion is Elder Cruz of Arequipa, Peru. 
He was in the jungle and got dengue. It is a very scary disease that’s called the dengue bone break
fever). He got changed because they don’t want the risk of him possibly catching it again. He also
has some problems with his stomach. We have been in and out of the hospital here for the last week.
Our numbers are down just a little bit because of that. I trust that everything will be good.

I had a really good week. We had to reschedule the baptism of Alison Osorio because of the change
we had. Her dad went to church for the first time in a while. That was really cool. Her baptism
is for the first of November. We also found 2 really cool families. The first has two kids that
are members but their mom, dad, and uncle are not members. We taught the uncle about the Book of
Mormon and gave him one to read. We also set two visits for the parents. Ireally feel that they
will all get baptized soon. The other family we contacted a guy in the street that I thought was
gringo.... because a few people from here are a little close to the same skin color as we are and
I assumed, anyway, we talked to him and his wife and son aren’t members but he is inactive. He
really is an awesome guy and we have taught his wife the first lesson. I know that we are just
tools in this great work and that the only things that we have to do is have the spirit everyday,
walk around and talk to everybody. I know that the Lord is our rock and is the only thing that
keeps us going some days.
Thanks mom for everything! I was talking to Elder Rhoton last night about everything, and I
realized that I was really kind of a bad kid growing up. You guys were always there to help me
out and were always there to love me. I love you all so much and can’t wait for the day when I
see your loving faces again.
THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING IN MY LIFE, for putting up with me for 18 yrs.

Mil Gracias.

- Elder Griffin

I also forgot to tell you that we went to the zoo and had some fun. I took some really cool pictures.
Elder Christofferson visited the CCM.  He shook every single missionaries hands.  He talked about the importance
of us being on the mission and what things we can improve on as missionaries. He told us the exact process that
they go through when they call missionaries. Everything that he said was just way cool. He is such a powerful
apostle of God.

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