Monday, October 20, 2008

The Gospel Changes Lives

This week was good. We had the baptism of Miguel Fernandez and it was really cool. He is such a strong man and really has a powerful and spiritual testimony of the gospel. I love the feeling of seeing a life change and really have the person see some light in their life. We have two more scheduled baptisms for the next two weeks. Alison Osorio and Jasmine Gonzalez. We were walking yesterday and walked close to this guy, I had a really bad feeling over me and continued walking I looked back and saw him looking at us. I asked my companion did you feel something bad. He said, “You felt that too”! The spirit talks to us in subtle small ways, but He is constantly watching over us.
Artemio received the priesthood yesterday. I wasn’t there to see him bless the sacrament but the other missionaries said that it was pretty cool. Alejandra is really good and continues to go to church. Her mom is really kind of hard hearted. She was (BORN) catholic but still claims to be catholic. She doesn’t really want too much to do with the church.

Yes, Miguel is the doctor and really is amazingly smart. The parents of Alison Osorio, an investigator, (Alison is a future member, her dad is inactive and her mom is active) has an aunt in Utah.

The soda is kind of a problem, we drink soda almost every meal. NOT REALLY MY CHOICE BUT IT IS BETTER THAN THE WATER HERE. Everything is good. We are going to the zoo today. The (pouch) mail is the slowest. Aleni sent me a letter July 24 and I just barely got it. Elder Christoferson is speaking to us all in the CCM (MTC) on Wednesday.

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A few Peru Lima North Missionary moms are getting together on Friday October 24th at the Joseph Smith Building at 10am. We are going to view the "Reflections of Christ" display, and then eat lunch. We'd love to have Sister Griffin join with us. I have been unable to get ahold of you via phone or email. I am Elder Landon Rich's mom. Please email me at
Gwen Rich