Monday, October 13, 2008

Pay attention in Seminary

Life is great. I received a new companion...ELDER APAZA…he is very different from my last companion. He really is what I have been praying for. He is from Puno Peru and has been out on the mission for about 11 months. He has taught me so much already and now when people ask me who my dad (of the mission) is I will say oh Elder Apaza but Elder Eguez was my first companion. He and I get along great he is energetic and really likes the work. We both love contacting and together are a machine. His testimony of tithing and of everything is amazing....he also really knows a lot of weakness because I didn’t memorize a lot of scriptures in seminary...a lesson to all you kids...go to seminary and memorize scriptures. It will help you a lot. This week was great. We have 1 investigator named Miguel he is 26, is a doctor here and is dating a member. We were over there to eat one day and we had talked to him a little bit but for some reason we didn’t write his information down...he called us about 3 days later wanting to be taught, because his girlfriend wants to get married in the temple. Yes! We have taught him all the lessons and have a date for Saturday. People are chosen and prepared for us and all we are is tools in the Lord's hands.

Tell the family I really enjoy hearing from them and love their uplifting words because missionary work can be very difficult at times and I really enjoy hearing about everybody.

It has been a little cold here. I really have a lot of pictures that I will hopefully copy on to a cd and send off in the next p-day.

Do you know that my six month and eighteen month mark are on Christmas day? I really think that is pretty cool. Time goes by pretty quick here. I was able to look at the blog with the zone leaders because on the p-day I was in their area. It looks pretty cool. It is one thing we aren’t really supposed to do but they did it because they have a little more privileges.

The blog is really cool. Tell dad that we do get to play soccer almost every p-day but as far as national goes PERU is not good. They played Bolivia and got their butt kicked 3 to 0....not really too proud.

It gets kind of cold here because of the humidity and other factors...It really isn’t too bad but it gets a little cold. I have heard from all the missionaries that a camera card will get stolen in the package because the mail system is screwed up here. I think it will be easy just have two cds one for me (for safety) and one for you. I really think that the comp CAMBIO-change was a good CAMBIO-change.

I really think that it is cool to be able to communicate a little bit by e-mail with my family. At least we don’t have to wait 3 weeks to send letters and get a reply.
Love ya lots and keep the letters coming.

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