Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Elders from Bolivia and guns

(We debated whether to post this letter or not as it is a little frightening. In the end we felt like it is important to show the protection and care that the missionaries are under and that testimonies are strengthened through our trials in life.)
Life is good. This week has been interesting...We received the two new elders from Bolivia and that split our area. The ones name is Elder Fidler and the other is Elder Rhoton. ASK DAD IF HE KNOWS TOM RHOTON because he served the same mission as dad.
The new missionaries are really cool but the bad news is that we don’t get to baptize the four people we had set up. Some seeds you plant and others you reap. We also have four more baptisms set up in our area. I actually had a gun experience this week. DONT FREAK OUT I AM STILL ALIVE...but it scared the .... out of me. All 4 of us were on the bus, I was in the back and this guy sat next to me a normal looking guy. I started talking to him about the church, when he started saying stuff that I didn’t understand. I said NO entiende -I don’t understand. He pulled out a hand gun out of his jacket secretly and said entiende esto- understand this...I said ya. He put his finger over his mouth not to say anything...I thought I was going to get robbed and shot. Once more he asked me if I understood what it was but this time he did the action of death the finger and the neck thing....I honestly thought I was dead. He asked who I was with and I said the two other gringos and my companion. He said yo su amigo-I am your friend. I didn’t understand because one second he had a gun pointed at me and the next he is saying he is my friend he pulled out a badge (secret police) and smiled..

I still don’t know if he was an actual police man or what but I know that the lord protects us every single day and that every single day is a blessing because I did not know if I had another day. I pray for protection every single prayer and I am alive. That was a good testimony builder. AGAIN I AM ALIVE DONT FREAK.

Things with my companion have been interesting but we have everything worked out and I have learned patience and other great virtues.

I love you and need to tell you that I can’t accept emails from anybody else but my immediate family. TELL THE FAM TO FORWARD THE EMAILS THROUGH YOU.
Love you and hope to hear from you soon.

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Don Layton said...

Hello Elder Griffin & family,

I'm glad to hear that everything is allright with you. This is one of those amazing, unforgettable experiences that you'll be telling your grandkids one day.

I hope you don't mind if I quoted a section of your post on Elder Layton's blog. It was definitely worth mentioning.