Wednesday, September 17, 2008


On Saturday we had the baptism of Aracely who we taught all the lessons to and her grandpa baptized her. It was really funny because the zone leaders were supposed to bring the clothes, but they didn't show up. Twenty minutes later we got the clothes from the stake president who just happened to be in the building.

We have four other baptisms scheduled for next week. Artemio is all up for getting baptized and is done with all the lessons. He continues to dig deep into the scriptures everyday and continues to amaze us by what he has learned. I am surprised because we haven't been here that long, but we are already seeing success. I play the piano sometimes. Our pentionista has one and the churches have one, but time is very limited. That is the good side...I shook a guy's hand that I didn't know was drunk. He grasped my hand and was saying some gibberish that I didn't completely understand but knew wasn't good. I loosed of his hand and continued on my way. I know that the lord watches over us and protect us us as servants of the lord.

We are in Lima North which is a really big part of the city of Lima. We do have mountain hills and climb them every day. Recently it has been kind of cold, fifties. Some days it is kind of hot around 70-80 degrees. The air here is horrible for my skin and my clothes because it is sooooo dirty. It is honestly a huge city. I would say it is very poor in some parts and middle class in others.

We have a pentionista...she cooks breakfast and dinner every day, but lunch is in the members houses (which can be interesting). She is a pretty good cook. We actually live in the other part of the house with her family. They are really cool, parents and one kid.

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Sadie said...

I think your son and my son are sharing an apartment in Lima - he is one of the relocated misssionaries from Bolivia and he just sent this in his email, " We live in an apartment with 2 other missionaries. One is from Utah and just got to the mission and is way funny. His name is Elder Griffin and his dad served in Little Rock too. So Dad, did you ever meet an Elder Tad Griffin, while in Little Rock?" Are our missionaries in the same apartment in Lima?