Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yo vive en el Campo ahorra. Vida es bueno..vida es muy differente aqui pero es muy bonita. (translation: I live in the Campo Ahorra. Life is good. Life is very different here but it is very pretty.) I have been here for 4 days and it has been great. we have talked to a lot of people in the area and lots of people are ready to hear the gospel. My companion's name is Elder Egüez he is great. I love to talk to everybody but he is kind of quiet. He came straight from the jungle where he baptized 11 people. He has had alot of sucess while teaching. Hopefully we will have the same sucess here. 
Our barrio y zona es (ward and zone is): Tahuantinsuyo-zona, libertad y habana-barrios

I have jumped out of my comfort level here. We go on buses for long distances that are really packed in with a lot of other people which presents a great oppurtunity to share the gospel. 3 times I have been able to stand up and share a short message and handed out folletos (pamphlets) sobre nuestro religion. So far we have had great success. We have one person who I think will get baptized named Artemio. We met him at church yesterday. He is about 26 and single and he was invited to church by a friend a while back. He has read so much about our church and he already had a Book of Mormon and a couple other church materials. He has read so much and is very interested. We gave him the first lesson with flip charts and other ancient materials because my companion has them and they work great. We commited him to continue reading the BOM and to live the law of Chastity and the word of Wisdom and he gladly agreed to both. He is really amazing and we are meeting again with him on Thursday, He is giving us breakfast because he really wants to.

We have met some great members here and they are really into telling their friends about the is great.


Don Layton said...

ugh, I hate when people do this, but I thought you might want to know anyway. "Barrio" is "Ward" in Spanish. He's probably referring to his ward assignments.

Sorry to come off as a know it all wannabe. I thought you would want to know.

I'm glad to hear that things are progressing with Elder Griffin. I'll continue to check up and see how he's doing.

Don Layton

Fatima Meza said...

ohh.. su español esta mejorandoo!