Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Life is golden! I am having a great time. We went proselyting again and I had to switch companions again. The reason is because one of the jovens was having a hard time with there Spanish and because my companion is good we switched for proselyting. It was really good though, we knocked on a wrong door and talked to a lady who isn't Catholic and didn't believe in the bible. That is out of the norm here. We ended up talking to her and she was really interested in our message of the restored gospel and the atonement and she accepted a BOM and said she would pray about it to know if it was true...

I spent 4 hours today at Migraciones..I am now a citizen of Peru!! It's crazy to think in less than a week my whole MTC\CCM experience is done with. I believe we leave on Wednesday and hopefully I will write you again on our next Preperation Day...I love yall and hope to continue hearing from ya!

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