Monday, August 18, 2008


Everything is great!! They just moved my native companion and I am now an Asiano (elder of the elders). Three more weeks here! The work is crazy we have now gone proselyting two times in the streets of Ville Segrada (sacred valley). Everything was amazing, I got smacked in the back of the head by the Holy Ghost to talk to a sixteen year old kid named Junior. It was funny because I gave most of the lesson with my companion only testifying...he ended up giving us his address so we can come by again and said he would come to church. Proselyting is so fun, we get to go into dog poop ridden streets, houses with chickens running around and as more flies than you can imagine. Yet the people are so ready to hear the message. I am going to miss my native companion, because today and tomorrow we are getting new companions and I don´t know if he will be Latino, we still get to proselyte on Saturday.

Today we get to go out and shop at the mall and live like a normal person for one tag and we get to eat pizza it will be fun!! I love you all and hope everything is great.

Elder Griffin

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