Monday, August 18, 2008


Life is great! We went tracting on Saturday and that makes three times..did I tell you that last time proselyting we finished up at one of the inactive houses and were walking in the street..I had a distinct impression that I was supposed to talk to a kid that was sitting on a porch and it was awesome. His name is Junior, he is 16 and Catholic. I ended up giving about three fourths of the lesson and we committed him to go to church and got his address.

My Comp. Elder Villegas is gone, he left on Monday. I got another companion Elder Taliercio. His parents are Argentine but hasn't spoke since he was really young, but he speaks great! We are now called Ansionos because we have been here for 3 weeks. We went proselyting on Saturday and it was great. This time we placed 5 books of Mormon. I wasn't really feeling 100% because of lack of sleep and I was a little car sick. Anyway, I prayed the night before to meet someone that was meant for me to teach. We walked outside of the chapel and to the corner to cross the street. A middle aged man wass walking across the cross walk jamming to his music with headphones on, so what do I do? I say Hi!! We ended up talking to him on the side of the street and he was really interested. We told him all about the church and the Book of Mormon. He took a book of Mormon said he would read it and that he would go to church the next day. We ended up placing 3 of the 5 books. That experience was really cool and instead of proselyting in the poor part of town we proselyted in a city right above the beach named Baronko.

Really funny story--we had a member of the ward that new the area go with us. He was like 70 years old and really funny. He would start crossing the street---busy street--without looking both ways. He got really close to getting hit by a couple of cars. To top it off we had a paper with about 12 homes we were supposed to go to. We only made it to one because he got lost soooooo much. Another funny experience was one of the times that we got lost we figured we would just proselyte and there were two older ladies in a newspaper stand just talking with food sitting next to them. We greeted them and then they start eating their food with it 5 inches away from their face. The one lady said "disculpame..comida (forgive me we are eating)". They weren´t even thinking about eating before, but when we got there it was game time.

We also got to go to a bunch of historical sites. We went to the palace that the president stays at and the beach, huge catholic chapels and everything I took pictures so I'll send them. I also bought a cool Peruvian bag to carry my PMG and scriptures in and a Peru futb├│l jersey. They cost about 12 U.S. dollars. The jersey was about 8 and the bag was only 3 the lady kept insisting: "8 soles...pero yo tengo 7 soles y me gusta mucho pero yo muy pobre".

Well Love you all! Hope you write me back...

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